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NOWOCZESNY ROLNIK - rolnictwo ekologiczne i usługi agroturystyczne szansą na lepszy start młodych mieszkańców wsi i małych miast
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

he project will be recruited on the basis of pre-established criteria 64 participants training (2 groups of 30 people and 4 of )teachers. They are students and or graduates who besides graduation and gain vocational diploma will be equipped with practical skills Europass MOBILITY evidenced by certificates that will enhance their competitiveness in the local market. All participants will take part in preparatory training, pedagogical, linguistic and cultural. Each participant will traineeship at the foreign partner, which will extend the existing theoretical knowledge with practical competence and skills. The curriculum will be prepared during the first preparatory meeting, so that the final version as much as possible to take into account the individual ideas , needs and interests of the participants. Both 30 -person group of participants will be held internship , where in addition to the typical activity of agrotourism (1 week ) Participants will learn about the production of organic food crops and held training/workshops organization of outdoor events , professional guest service (2 weeks). Participants will be divided into groups of 15 persons. After the first week there will be a change. The aim of the project is to understand the British experience in the conducting of agritourism farms and transferring them to the Polish market. Participation in the project will enable students and graduates to pick up their language skills . Participation in international practices will broaden the horizons of the participants, open to new methods. The experience gained will enable the introduction of innovative solutions in the native farms. Also participating in the project will develop communication skills and language for the labor market . Participation in the project is sure to be had for our students very large and multi-faceted significance. Contribute to their professional development , making them more attractive for European Labour Market . Acquired during the internship skills will be key differentiating them from the competition. When moving on their own land acquired professional experience useful in the provision of services in the field of agro-tourism.The project will have a significant impact on the development of the region. The fact that the participants will improve their competence in the conduct of modern agro-tourism and organic food production will increase the attractiveness of our region. Adding to this trend of a healthy lifestyle and stay in quiet and peaceful place and a growing demand for tourism and the popularity of weekend trips, it can be concluded that the pro-health and eco-friendly company with a high standard of services provided to leisure, offering healthy, organic food (milk , poultry vegetables and fruits from their own or neighboring crops ) will be an opportunity for our students and their households to obtain additional income and promotion of the region in Poland and Europe. The project will also contribute to the development of the agro-tourism and agriculture. Use in these sectors for new solutions, the use of new experience gained during the implementation of the internship will be beneficial to improve the quality of services and maintenance of agricultural production. Mobility of students who are in the initial stage of training has a big impact on the development of the region and sector of the economy , because in a short time young people will become owners of farms of their ancestors and their decisions will depend on the development of the Polish countryside. So they should be equipped with knowledge and skills at European level. Access to EU funds and preferential loans enables modernization of agricultural holdings in that the provision of tourism. The prerequisite for conducting modern agro-tourism is fluency in foreign languages. Participation in the internship students realizes this problem and contribute to the change of attitude in the matter of raising language skills. Participation in the project may initiate cooperation, exchange of good practices and networking with other holdings agritourist of the country and Europe. The project will open new avenues for the development of farms in the region, which on one hand will benefit from solutions agritourism activity used in other EU countries ( GREECE, on the other hand will be able to move their farms for the production of organic crops. Such a change will not only be an opportunity to strengthen the capacity of rural municipalities, but also help to change the perception of the whole region. The results will be presented in the local media (press, radio, television), websites and leaflets.
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