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Nowoczesne Technologie w Naprawie Sprzętu Elektronicznego
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Joining Erasmus+ project, we hope that:a) project participants taught strengthen the professional profile of the profession and raise the professional qualifications of increasing mobility and competitiveness, both at national and European labor market, in particular by:- acquire knowledge on new technologies present abroad Polish,- work using modern tools and equipment.- improving the ability to work in a team,- improving the knowledge of foreign languages,- raising awareness of intercultural,b) the applicant institution after analyzing the results obtained by the participants and accompanying persons reports and information from a foreign partner will have the opportunity to adapt tools used in the process of apprenticeship,c) the partner institution having a direct impact on the professional kwalifikicje obtained by potential future employees will improve the quality of their work in the future,d) the expected results of synergy between the School of Electronic and partner organization will affect the quality of education and experience on both sides of the cooperation.The main objective of the project is to realize the following thematic areas:- technical assembly-disassembly- elements and electronic components control- the technique of measurement- soldering- assembly-disassembly of electronic components and assemblies- electronic devices and components repairs- run-testing equipment.The project participants will be students Electronic Technical receiving education in professions: electronic technician, computer technician and technician ICT, eager to learn about new technologies, production and maintenance of machinery electronic and computer and telecommunications equipment and acquire experience in mobility, so they can effectively seeking work in the domestic market and foreign markets . To project the students will be selected from among the 20 people with the best results in science. In appropriate cases, be taken into account unique family/material student situation.During the participants internship abroad, the direct supervision of the tasks performed and monitoring the progress of the participants will permorme the qualified person designated by the foreign partner and the accompanying persons seconded from the applicant institution. Accompanying persons - seconded professionals (teachers of foreign languages and vocational subjects) will exercise direct supervision and care of the participants during the project objectives while abroad, whether during practice with a foreign partner, as well as organizing free time participants (possible in particular to learn the language and culture in Hungary). Furthermore, their task will be to present the progress of participants in consultation with foreign partners and coverage effects to supervisor of applicant institution.Graduates of our school who decide to continue their education in higher education, will also be invited to join the project universities. And those who start work in the profession - they can be partners for the institutions of applicants from other countries in subsequent editions of the project. After completion of the project, participants will be more attractive (competitive) specialists in demand on the local labor market, regional and national level and through mobility, also internationally. Companies employing workers in the industry in which the practice will acquire the project participants will be able to gain employees who are specialists trained in the latest technologies used in the workplace in the country and the world, which will improve the quality of services provided at that level.
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