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Nowoczesna szkoła - rozwój kompetencji językowych i metodycznych.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Objectives of the project: 1. Training of young people that will show the practical skills required by European labor markets. 2. Motivating young people to learn in a way preventing them from finishing education too early. We want to achieve this goal by showing how knowledge and education open the doors of European labor markets 3. Prevention of social exclusion 4. Strengthening the huge capital that young people have and showing them how to use it actively in Polish and European society. 5. Encouraging continuous improvement 6. Improving the quality of teaching through different methods, suited to the expectations of the students and wider use of modern technologies and pedagogical innovations (eg. CLIL). 7. Increasing the number of international projects involving the school, so that both teachers and students will be able to establish contacts with their peers from other countries, the teachers and the exchange of experience and good practice 8. Raising the level of foreign language skills of teaching staff 9. Improving forms of site management, greater flexibility and better international relations. Participants: 7 teachers are qualified to participate in the project .The project participants are teachers of different subjects – languages teachers: a German teacher and an English teacher for whom the participation in teachers training courses will be an opportunity to improve foreign language teacher workshop, as well as contact with live foreign language. The other teachers will participate in English language courses, thus enhancing their professional profile, help establish international cooperation and enable the use of the English language sources. The main activities of the project are to participate in language courses and teachers training courses in Malta, Germany and Ireland. The participation of teachers in the selected methodology and language training will help to improve their personal and professional competence . Experience and skills acquired during the courses will be used in the classroom with modern teaching methods, using authentic materials and modern teaching aids including multimedia. Teachers are hoping for a new look at teaching in a vocational school in the context of the modern world. They hope to use the methods presented in the course as often as possible and teach in a modern and interesting for the modern student way. After returning from the training they will motivate students to learn foreign languages and will deliver the cultural and professional knowledge with enthusiasm. It is important for Polish teachers to meet teachers from other countries and to establish contact with them. Thanks to them, they will acquire knowledge of the countries they had not visited, get to know their habits, problems. The exchange of experiences, not just those related to teaching, but also the life ones will lead to drawing conclusions, coming up with ideas and inspiring. This will be the stimulus to get a deeper knowledge of other countries and their inhabitants. Being in an environment where people of different cultures meet will allow to expand horizons. It will also verify the views on the inhabitants of other countries and oppose the stereotypes. It will be extremely valid for teachers but also for students, with whom they will share this knowledge. The teachers will share experiences and skills gained on the course with other teachers not participating directly in mobility. In this way, knowledge and attitudes gained by the participants of the project will be transferred to a whole bunch of teachers. Acquiring methodical knowledge and getting familiar with the new technologies will improve the quality of education in our school. On the other hand, established contacts and experience of participating in international training will give the school a European character. The European character of school is not limited to the introduction of the content dedicated to the EU to the program. The school takes on European character by creating an environment leading to understanding that education is a process oriented on comprehensive development of personality.
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