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Now you(th) play - O desporto para a inclusão social
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will be implemented through a partnership established between Move.T+, Portugal, STEP - Society for territorial progress, Slovakia, Sisak Youth Associations, Croatia, EuroDEMOS, Romania, and ISAB, Hungary. In order to answer acute issues from the local populations, concerning in particular specific contexts of poverty and social exclusion, this project will take advantage of sports and physical activity as a dynamic and valuable tool to promote social and community inclusion, in parallel with physical and mental health, promoting non-formal and informal education to enhance cooperation between countries in the youth sector.The establishment of this partnership between entities from different countries allows us to spread the benefits of mobility opportunities for young people and members of youth organizations, boosting the connection between the youth sector and the labour market. Also, it will be an essential contribution to address emergent and challenging issues, which resolution depends largely on the contribution of the youth population.Nowadays, it is essential to encourage and support the personal and social development of underprivileged children and young people, stimulating on a permanent basis the integration of the individual in society with an effective response to the needs of the population on several levels.All activities planned under this project are focused on children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, reduced social conditions and poor families, including children and young people under institutional care. These actions and activities intend not only to actively promote the learning of rules and behavioural standards but also to energetically promote social inclusion and solidarity, providing the opportunity to integrate underprivileged social groups into the community. In addition, this project will provide a great chance for the participants to meet new people and create a new network of friends.The activities will include people from different backgrounds and age ranges as an essential approach to stimulate social and community integration, including 30 youngsters from 5 countries. The contact of these participants with different sports and alternative educational methods will focus on the value added to the personal and educational paths. The opportunity provided to the participants to carry out these activities in a partner community becomes especially important so they have the possibility of discovering new cultures, habits and ways of life, especially through peer learning.Several initiatives and a set of educational and training dynamics will be implemented such as sports activities, awareness campaigns, laboratories, round tables, workshops, cultural visits and murals, small theatre, photography exhibitions, video sessions, music concerts, among others. The methods to be used will allow the introduction of different approaches such as role playing, debates, discussions and conversations, structured dialogue, surveys, banners, posters, flyers, visual arts, communications, team building, peddy paper and thematic games.While developing these and other activities the participants will be encouraged to strengthen values such as solidarity, democracy and friendship, enhance the level of competences and transferable skills, promoting the participation in democratic life and the access labour market, promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity to foster development, both on a personal and social level.In addition to an organizational enhancement, the main impact will translate into the personal enrichment of young people who participated in the program. Therefore it is expected for these young people to develop more capabilities and skills to solve problems, increase social awareness and civic participation, and the ability to work from a group perspective as well as knowledge of European organizations and foreign language skills, English in particular.These young people will benefit from more social and employment opportunities, further awareness of their rights and duties as citizens, significantly reducing the risk of exclusion.From a broader perspective, the community will have the opportunity to exchange information with young people who participated in this initiative to take on new behaviours, be more self-conscious about the environment around them, promote equal rights, reinforcing the skillset to face future situations through strategies learned with their peers.This mobility program will have a strong impact in the general population by raising their awareness and responsiveness to the collective needs, increasing cooperative efforts to integrate more young people in local social responses. Young people will be more supportive and participative in youth initiatives, in particular European actions implemented to support youth learning and mobility.
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