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Ново начало за моето бъдеще
Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Jan 5, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The importance of the diversity of education and training has long been recognised in the Lisbon strategy for growth and employment, and the European Council has repeatedly stresses the role of education and training for the long-term competitiveness of human resources. This is one of the main reasons to be recognized an increasing sense of lifelong learning, aspiration for better education and skills. The young people can no longer expect to spend their lives in the same field of activity or even in the same place. Their professional experience can be changed and that is why they are in need for skills in a wide range, which could enable adapting or to be more adaptable. By means of this project we want to give the students the opportunity to be trained in foreign language profiled classes and tour- guide profiled secondary schools, to acquire specialized knowledge for the profession of the tourist guide and tour guide, as well as practical skills for practicing the profession, professional speaking etiquette in communicating in different languages. It is a profession with excellent prospects for the further employment and development not only in Bulgaria but Europe. By this way they will have the opportunity to acquire additional competence not only in studying foreign languages area, but in a broader aspect. By doing so, we will encourage their proactive, entrepreneurship and employability. This will give them an additional opportunity for realization in the Bulgarian and European labor market after the completion of education. We will put our focus on the preparation of guides in the field of eco-tourism- area, which is developed simultaneously with the tourist industry and at the same time gains a competitive advantage in accordance with the given region. And in the area of the town of Kardzhali and the town of Svilengrad there are many conditions- the Eastern Rhodopes unique nature, the protected areas „Natura 2000", natural reserves and parks. The students will learn how to make marketing research in relation to the market of eco-touristic services, and they will examine the demand and the interest to such services. They also will be able to insight into social and psychological characteristics of such an area of expertise. At the end of the training course they will be able to develop tourist packages, routes and destinations for ecotourism, as well as to start in business. Students will acquire skills to focus on the uniqueness of natural attractions, to offer attractions and present tourist services in several languages. They will be trained in the basic skills for tour guides and tourist guides by the host organization MOST SAS – Italy and I T I S -Malta. The mobility will take place in two countries and will be conducted in 2 courses by 2 weeks each, in April and May 2015. Being an organization, we have a team that works basically with students from all over Bulgaria and supports their implementation in out-of-school lessons, mostly with non-formal education. A joint team of 5 people will be formed on this project. The project will provide an equal chance to any user, with no regard to sex and ethnicity, to practice in Malta and Italy, as well as to exercise and build on their knowledge. The practice will be held in an excellent environment, and will help the further development of theoretical knowledge, acquired in school and will also help for comparing of practical experience in three different countries – Bulgaria, Italy and Malta. The practice will acquaint the users with developments in the field of eco-tourism and the occupation of the tourist guide and tour guide, the methodologies and systems needed for working with people of all ages and different interests. Using their participation in this project, the students will gain additional language and cultural competence. MOST SAS - Italy and I T I S - Malta will issue certificates for tourist guides to successfully graduated ones. After completion of the practice, the Association undertakes to validate the knowledge of pupils in various tourist organizations, as a practice for future workplace. The Europass Certificate is a guarantee for high qualification in further employment suitability. This certificate gives the opportunity for life-long development of personality and students' realization in the labor market of this area.

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