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Novi horizonti za medicinske sestre i tehničare
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within this project, the School for Nurses Vrapče (as the applicant) seeks to enhance the skills and knowledge of its students by providing an opportunity for them to participate in professional training and work, with the assistance of the Portuguese partner Braga Mobility Open. The Portuguese partner will be responsible for finding suitable medical care institutions in which participating students will receive professional training. The training will be arranged to take place in march/april of 2017, lasting for 2 weeks.22 students will be selected for participation in the project. The professions of the students will be nurse/medical technician of general care. The students will be accompanied by 2 teachers who will be responsible for monitoring and assurance of implementation of set goals of the mobility, since minors will be included.Future nurses/medical technicians of general care have a total of 120 hours of practical wotk after having finished third and fourth grades. Healthcare training are organised and supervised by vocational teachers from the School, and are being implemented by the employees of the medical care institutions-head nurses and senior nurses.The general goal of this project is to enhance vocational knowledge and acquisition of new skills through professional practice with the purpose of personal development and growth, enhanced employability and an easier transition to the labour market after education.The specific goal of this project is transfer of experience gained during the professional practice to other students as well as encouraging lifelong learning, and future training.Through professional training, project participants want to be introduced to vocational education in Portugal for the professions they are studying; with medical software for accessing, searching and managing databases of patients (a significant daily task in day-to-day nursing), through practice they want to improve their usage of specific professional terms used in their line of work as well as learn new ones, and finally to have some concrete professional experience working abroad.. This project will make it possible for them to gain an insight into skills and knowledge which Portuguese students gain after finishing their education; it will enable them to get to know the working conditions and responsibilities; they will get to know the rules and standards of the occupation. All of this will enhance their employability. Participants will also be able to see and compare the Portuguese educational system to the Croatian one and enhance their learning skills and methods.Alongside professional and vocational skills, this project will also add to the development of of intellectual skills of participants, both of which have a great importance in education and upbringing.It is necessary to implement this project in order to improve and enhance vocational education in the School for Nurses Vrapče.This project will be implemented in three phases: preparation, implementation, monitoring and reporting.Preparation phase: the coordinator develops a plan of implementation, project participants will be selected according to previously published criteria as well as the accompanying personnel (including the reserves); together with the host partner, the coordinator will develop a detailed work plan according to the interests of the participants and goals of the project; coordinator will arrange meetings during which parents and students will be introduced to their duties and responsibilities, as well as with all other relevant information. The coordinator will arrange social and cultural preparations which will be mandatory for all project participants. Preparations are necessary in order to implement the practical part of the mobility as best as possible. Host partners will arrange the accommodation, implementation of the work plan, provisions for local transport and finding the right institutions for professional training.The implementation phase will include professional training for students in the partner institution Bragamob in Porugal, for a period of two weeks in March/ April 2017. In the evening, partners will organize social and cultural activities.Monitoring phase will begin immediately upon approval of the project by informing the public about project through the website of the School. Employees, associates, students and parents will be informed about the result of the project through bulletin boards, parent-teacher meetings, sessions of teachers' council, through conferences, seminars with the participation of staff of the School.Dissemination of the project will be made during all phases of project activities and after the project, and will include dissemination through applicant and partner website and all kinds of different events where participants will disseminate project activities and thus encourage the strengthening and the importance of vocational education and lifelong learning.
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