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Novel therapeutic agents to improve bone quality during fracture repair (FRACQUAL)
Start date: Jan 1, 2012, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Supporting this application will enhance the changes for a well-known Swedish biomechanics researcher to relocate to Lund University and suceed with her long term goal to establish her research activities in Sweden. The proposal includes the use of highly advanced technology (engineering and physics) to evaluate novel treatments for bone fractures (orthopedics). Hence, it is truely multidisciplinary and requires the involvement of engineers, physicists, biologists and orthopedic surgeons within the collaborating environments.Fracture repair is a complex process, where about 5-10% of all fractures lead to complications. Complications are especially high in elderly patients with osteoporosis, where more effective treatment options are needed. This project evaluates the effect of newly developed potent bone modulating drugs during fracture repair in osteoporotic animals. Two animal models have been developed and are in use; the bone chamber and the open fracture healing model in rats. The evaluation methods involve highly modern biophysical evaluation techniques in order to determine and evaluate the quality of the newly formed tissue, to assess the treatments clinical potential. Hence, the project applies newly developed technology to study fracture repair and evaluate bone quality, including vascularization (in vivo microCT), composition (Synchrotron FTIR) and structure (Synchrotron SAXS), of the newly formed tissue. A successful outcome would result in enhanced quality of life for many patients.Lund University has long experience in developing novel biological treatments of fracture repair, and excellent technical experimental facilities, including MAX-lab synchrotron facilities, Biomedical Imaging center and Center for Biomechanics at Lund University. Hence, the match between the fellow, the project and the location is excellent.

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