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Novel educational materials in medical training with 3D Modeling applications and simulation modalities(Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is necessary to obtain novel training modalities in medical education because of the limitations of cadaveric learning and limitation of education on living organisms. Traditional medical training has many draw backs as residency work hour restrictions, patient safety conflicts in the learning needs and lack of hands on workshops. These educational limitations provide a framework for the importance and necessity of training using simulation, 3D medical applications (VR and AR), printed models in medical field. The development of 3D Medical applications will also provide a novel training modality for continuing medical education (CME). Simulation and 3D medical applications will never be able to replace clinical experience and hands-on training; however, current simulation models may decrease the initial stages of the learning curve without compromising patient safety. The target of this project is to produce novel 3D medical models and innovative applications by using novel worldwide technologies for lifelong medical training. This project also targets to improve interdisciplinary and transnational approaches using novel technologies for medical education to accumulate existing experience.Our project is related to working on solid organs like prostate, kidney, heart and liver models. It is possible for surgeons to produce facsimiles of their patients’ body parts that need to be removed or replaced. With 3D printing, it may soon be possible to make a body part from inert materials in just a few hours with standardization of medical 3D modeling and it will be also possible to better understand of anatomical and pathological conditions. The target groups of this project will directly influence the medical students and residents who needs medical education and surgical training, indirectly all medical researchers who will be supported by clinical and surgical anatomical education and training. It will be easy to establishment of new scientific division on medical simulation modeling for surgical sciences and clinical anatomy in EU countriesWe aimed to innovate novel imaging platform for education and training by re-evaluating existing data using new software's and 3D modalities. The complementary side of our project is to motivate other health care professionals adapting to novel medical training modalities in their specialties. Therefore our methodology that starts with the creation of 3D training applications and ends with analysis of qualification and quantification of the training curriculum, will be adopted to all related medical fields.
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