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Novel aircraft de-icing concept based on smart coatings with electro-thermal system (ICECOAT)
Start date: May 1, 2013, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Objective of ICECOAT project is to minimise the run-back icing over the natural laminar flow (NLF) wing surface by optimising the anti-icing coatings and electro-thermal de-icing system. This will help implement the laminar flow control technology currently investigated by Clean Sky Joint Undertaking. This objective will be tackled by a combination of four technical work packages, including Wettability and ice adhesion study (WP1), Development of smart anti-icing coatings (WP2), De-icing by electro-thermal system (WP3) and Validation of mixed strategies (WP4), together with Administrative work (WP0) and Dissemination/exploitation (WP5). The proposed work will be carried out by advancing our understanding of the heat transfer processes that determine runback icing accretion by fully considering the influence of both trapped air pockets and water within the developing ice matrix. We will also select and/or develop new types of coating matrices, new nanoparticles for nanocomposites, and new method for coating surface modification to produce anti-icing coating with higher hardness and erosion resistance. These new anti-icing coatings are tested in conjunction with an electro-thermal de-icing system, which will be optimised for its location over the wing. Pulsing operation of deicing system will also be tested to minimise the occurrence of run-back icing. Finally, the effect of laminar-to-turbulent transition of the boundary layer over the wing surface on the behaviour of run-back icing will be investigated in an icing wind tunnel.
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