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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to use the ECVET methodology in vocational education and training in chemical sector. This project is a follow-up to an earlier project European chemistry practice. New learning units have been prepared and some of existing units were revised in the frame of this project. This proces is demanding and requires a follow-up. Labour market in chemical sector has changed. Partner organisations respond with reviewing learning units and preparing and verifying new learning units. Students of Secondary vocational school of chemistry, who study Biotechnology and Pharmacology, Technology of Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Products and Chemistry Operator, will carry out chemical learning units in five European host organizations. Adjusted qualification will be described in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies acquired by the participant. Upon these ECVET credits will be allocated. Cumulative learning units for chemistry students have been developed by the project partners, who were also co-workers in CREDCHEM project in 2010. The project fulfils the principles of ECVET. It describes the acquired qualification using cumulative learning units, allows transfer of learning outcomes, by participants in the frame of mobility in the educational context of another European country, supports transfer and accumulation of credits. Transfer will primarily focus on learning outcomes, then on credit points.The project improves the quality of vocational education and training. It allows participants to acquire knowledge, skills and competences by carrying out learning units using modern laboratory equipment in the host organizations. Twenty five participants, students in vocational education and training, will carry out a two weeks lasting mobility from September 2016 to April 2017 in five beneficiary organizations in Kralupy nad Vltavou, Pardubice, Praha, Dresden and Padova. Participants will gain knowledge, skills and competences in a VET schools and in an enterprises in the following areas - Separation and mixing substances, Material constants – determining properties of materials, Spectroscopic analysis of substances, Volumetric analysis of substances, Gravimetric analysis of substances, Chromatographic separation and analysis of substances, Preparing of inorganic and organic substances, Synthesis methods, Isolation and identification of cells and microorganisms, Isolation and determination of substances in biological material. They will get to know the work in chemical laboratory in another European countries. Mobility verifies their knowledge, skills and competencies in a different work environment. They recognize the cultural and regional traditions of the country, use foreign language in routine and professional conditions. Mobility develops their personality, ability to work in team, motivate them to lifelong learning. Dealing with environmental learning units supports active citizenship. Evaluation of learning units will belong to evaluation of theoretical and practical technical subjects as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry laboratory excercises, special practice or vocational training. Participants who complete mobility successfully will obtain a Traineeship Certificate, Europass Mobility and Personal Transcript. Participants will be more appealing to employers, thus rising of employment rate of graduates in Bratislava region is expected. The number of students in chemistry has descended during last decade. Project will make chemical courses more attractive to primary school pupils.
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