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NOVALOG - Jobs, skills, training practices and innovation in the field of logistics: conditions and methods of developing vocational training courses in logistics

AFT-IFTIM, an association for the development of training in the transport sector, is coordinating the NOVALOG project with a view to providing a full range of information on the conditions and methods for promoting vocational training opportunities in the rapidly growing logistics sector, which employs 12% of the active population. Managed by five research centres, the partnership also includes trade union organisations, a European professional development organisation, a public training agency, two major international companies, and one SME. Based in eight countries (B, D, DK, F, HU, I, IRL, NL), the project's design provides for coverage of all EU Member States and one Central European country.The objectives of the project are to facilitate the development of a common framework for job and skill categories, to present the training process and the best and most innovative way of accelerating an improvement in skill levels in training organisations, and to furnish the social partners with information and tools to raise the profile of the European-level working party on employment in logistics.A package of products (EN, FR) will provide information on the identification of jobs in the logistics sector available in existing information systems, a definition of the job contents in three major categories (local supervision, technical management, implementation), a user-oriented presentation of information on training oppportunities and a guide to innovative approaches. An Internet site (EN) and an interactive forum, an information bulletin, reports and a closing seminar will ensure dissemination to motivated players, politicians, social partners, workers and new entrants in the industry, notably young people.
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