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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Early school leaving and discontinuity are urgent and serious problem, not only for individuals, but for society as a whole. Although the situation varies in different EU countries, the social phenomenon of early school leaving and discountinuity follows certain patterns.There is no single reason for leaving education or vocational training. There are many reasons – often highly individual – why some young people give up education and training prematurely: learning difficulties, social problems or a lack of motivation, guidance or support. When a student is not at school,s/he can miss the lessons and this affect his/her academic success both at the school and future.One out of every seven young Europeans leaves the education system without having the skills or the qualifications which are now seen as necessary to make a successful transition to the labour market and for active participation in today’s knowledge-based economy. This means that currently some 6.4 million young people in Europe are classified as early school leavers. We decided to make this project to work with this problems in our regions between Romania and Turkey.We have discovered we have the same problem in our schools. The average of early school leavers are almost the same between two countries. As we mentioned before,its not an individual problem.Its a also big problem countries future.It effects countries economy,peaceful schools and regions also. When a student leave school earlier,s/he cant have a job easily and it makes a social problems. In our project,we have 4 partners in Turkey and 3 partners in Romania.In Turkey the coordinator of the Project is İskenderun İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü which has 117 schools and 55000 students with 3000 teachers. Iskenderun Religious High School which has 60 teachers and 1000 students, Suçıkağı Paşa Karaca Secondary School which has 6 teachers and 100 students, İskenderun Counselling and Research Center which has 30 counsellors are partners from Turkey. Our main aim was to stop school leaving or discontinity in our partner school, at least to decrease the average under 5 percent from around 20 percent. So as to reach our goal we did some activities in the Project to make the school living places for students.We did some activities with students who came to school reguarly; In Turkey; * we offered free food and drink day, Künefe Party, Bowling and Sandwich Day, Çiğ Köfte Party, Lahmacun Party, Fish Party, Boat Tour and Ice Cream Party,Cinema Day * we visited museums with students * we met with parents * we visited parents which had problems with students * we invited graduated people from our school to be a model for our students * we prepared a rest room for our students In Romania; * we offered free food and drink day, * we visited Zoo in Brasov * we visited Sibiu * we visited Sighișoara-Praid-Cluj-Turda * we visited Dino Park in Brasov * we presented puppet Show at school * we prepared Dance Party at school We also founded our project website, created our logo. We gave conference about our project at the end of the Project. We invited many directors, teachers, stakeholders, trainers around our regions so as to disseminate the project. During the activities we had not only the students who came to school regulary but also the students who had problems with health, family and finance. The Project was very useful for the students. The impact was very high. From the beginning of the Project, the number of students who came to school regulary has been increased. For example, between September 2014 and February 2015, the number of the students who came to school regulary was only 21 in Turkish partner schools from 1250 students, In other words,21 students had never done a day off in the school.But when we announced that we had this Project, the number of the students increased to 140 in a month. The number had contninously increased till the Project finished.Each month, we offered them free activities on condition that they went on education at school. In Romania we had similar results. When the Project started in October 2014, the total number of discontinty as total day was 511. But when the Project ended, it decreased to 93 in all the school total. We believe the project was very useful for students expecially to make them accustomed to go on their school each day. We will see the real results after years. Now our students believe that the school is very active place for their needs.
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