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Not in my name?!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The „Not in my name?!"“ project is based on activities organized for years by Klub Urbanus volunteers for youth that is threatened by social and economic exclusion and lower chances on the job market The participants (7+1 from each organisation) will be chosen mainly from inhabitants of smaller cities and villagers, who suffer from social and economic exclusion. They wil be selected by each of the partner organisations by transparent and equal matter after an information campaign. The project is based on real needs of these young people in order to make thein situation on the job market better, to motivate them to higher participation on the social life and aktive citizenship and to promote higher tolerance to different cultures and ideas. The projects goal is to make thein communication skills better, to promote their ability to lead discussion, to find common ground with people of different ideas and to be able create compromises among young people. Higher self-confidence and self-presentation ability will be demonstrated during Roleplaying game on fictive ethnic conflict when young people will learn that even an opinion of a single person has its value in society if properly presented. The experience from this game together with new knowledge on local history and habbits will be used during structured dialogue with local NGO leaders and leadfers of local communities. The project will be led in English what might cause some troubles to some participants since all of them know English but are not used to communicate in English on regular basis. These goals are however only part of the project. The main idea is to show that freedom, democracy and human rights and tolerance are in todays world not and automatic thing. And that sometime even very little is needed to get to a point when even people who lived for years together will start to hate each other, even kill each other and burn each others villages. Even worse, this intolerance is handed over to next generations. Throw understanding the history of nations of former Yugoslavia we will demonstrate to young people how intolerance and xenophobia make end up. We will connect them with places and people (throw visiting desolated villages, discussion with witnesses of all nationalities) to show especially to Czech and Slovak participants – used to live in peace and democracy – how thin is the line between human rights and freedom and nationalism, xenophobia and war. The participants will get from this project not only skills and abilities that will be diseminated in their local communities and organisations, but also the awareness that tolerance and freedom are not always natural thing and that we must very carefully look after them. The new competences and skills will be used by the participants in their respective organisations and communities.
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