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Nós ao Quadrado = Multiplicadores para a Mudança
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“We Squared = Multipliers 4 Change” consists in preparing, implementing and following-up a national youth event, set by young people for young people. It aims to enable and develop competences, envolving up to 5 hundred participants of ages between 16 and 30, as a way of strengthening democratic participation. These participants will come from all over Portugal and will be selected according to inclusive criteria, allowing the event to have contributions from young people from all kinds of realities, specifically those with fewer opportunities. The event program will promote the dialogue between young people and decision makers/experts, not only from youth field but also from strategic sectors for youth, at all levels – local, regional, national, European and international.The event will take place in VIseu, a medium-sized city, away from the large urban centres of Lisbon and Porto, understanding the geografic challenges of interiority.About 20 young people will be directly involved in the event organization team and about 40 more in the implementation. The physical, comunicational and methodological aspects of the event's inclusiveness is highly a priority. It is also a main goal of this project to reach as much stakeholders as possible.The project will follow Non-Formal Education methodologies and will have into consideration the main following objectives: promote a broad and inclusive forum for Structured Dialogue (SD) between young people and decision makers/experts in matters of interest of young people; enable young people for European citizenship and democratic participation by, on the one hand, providing the necessary knowledge about the running of the democratic institutions at different levels (local, regional, national, european and international), and, on the other hand, by recognizing the important role of this participation on other young people; disseminate the European SD process, namely the 5th cycle of the SD; disseminate information about national and European youth policies and about the mechanisms of participation available to young people, in order to influence the decision making process; inform all participants about the available support programmes, namely the ERASMUS+ Programme, and encourage them to conceive, implement and engage in projets for young people; raise awareness on matters of social inclusion and on the importance of European values and of Rule of Law; trigger a national debate on the theme of the 5th cycle of the european SD, while trying to materialize the recommendations from the “implementation toolbox” of the 3rd phase of the cycle; give visibility to youth organizations and promote them as privileged fora for active citizenship; encourage young people to engage in youth organizations or to create organizations of their own; reinforce the dialogue and partnerships between decision makers, experts, civil society institutions and organizations; promote Non-Formal Education as a more effective methodology for capacity-building of young people as social change actors and multipliers. The expected results of the project are:- A multi-level Political Reform Guide designed in a structured dialogue approach, crafted by negotiation between young people and decision makers, which will include concrete measures to implement at national level the “ Implementation Toolbox” that will arise from the V Cycle of the Structured Dialogue process;- An individual compromise from each young people and each decision maker involved in the project where they assume the responsibility to implement (in partnership with other young people and relevant decision maker identified throughout the process) one, or more, measure from the guide with a deadline for its achievement;- A compromise from institutions and youth organizations involved in the project to facilitate and monitor the implementation of the individual compromise of each participant;- A final report, already including the measure implemented through the project, which will be shared with all the participants and disseminated to the general public. As long-term benefits we hope to:- Raise the participation in the SD process, streghtening the role of young people in the policy-making process;- Raise direct democracy participation as well as the social and personal empowerment of young people as active citizens, through a multiplying effect of participants;- Boost the participation in local youth councils and promote the foundation of them where they are not yet implemented.- Trigger the foundation of regional youth councils.
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