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Norm-Governed Self-Organised Systems for Sustainable Resource Allocation (NORMS4SRA)
Start date: May 1, 2013, End date: Apr 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"At a time when there is increasing global demand for scarce resources, the requirement for learning and adapting conventional rules, or norms, that support sustainable resource allocation has never been clearer. In this proposal, we address questions such as: how we can design and formally represent such norms? How can we build computer systems which represent and reason with, learn and adapt those norms. And, how can we understand and visualise the impact of these norms?In Law & Economics, the formal design of normative regimes is usually tackled using equation-basedapproaches which is undermined by over-simplifying assumptions, while more recent computer-based simulation approaches lack conciseness and mathematical insights. In this proposal, we aim to investigate a new way via a dual formalism (a logic having an equation-based counterpart) capturing probabilistic argumentation which enables us to go beyond limitations of traditional approaches. At the same time, this new logic-based formalism provides executable specifications to implement norm-governed computer systems, i.e. computer systems whose processes are guided by a set of norms.To test our framework, we will apply it to the critical issue of resource allocation: rising pressure onearth resources and its consequences such as climate changes is indeed the source of many tensions and conflicts over the world. Amongst all existing EU efforts towards better resource allocation, we will apply our framework more precisely to the field of electrical grids."
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