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Non Scolae, sed Vitae discimus/ Learning for Life, not for School

Why has School to develop value orientations and key life skills?Key skills comprise the totality of usable knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes determining the overall development of personality and : • ensuring life-long professional flexibility and mobility,• allowing a person to study, work, communicate and cooperate, • enabling critical thinking, decision making, etc. The project will realize it by the following educational means and methods:• Educational Training (adventure settings by external experts)• Peer to Peer Work (accompanied by teachers or social workers)• Educational Science (workshop:"From Childhood to Adult Life")• Preparation and Realization of Work Experience (including European exchange)• Individual support (against lacks of knowledge or behavior)Project evaluation will focus on the pupils' skills developed during the project: • learning skills (language, independent study competencies)• social skills (communication, cooperation)• personal skills (self knowledge, self presenting)• career design skills (knowledge of the world of work, activity planning and organizing, problem solving) and also on teacher's contribution to the enriched pedagogical activities with career and vocational concerns/themes and newly developed or shared methods for career guidance in European secondary school
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