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Start date: Jan 25, 2016, End date: Jan 24, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will be carried out with 3 volunteers from Cyprus, Italy and Bulgaria during 9 months in Gandia, a city of around 80.000 situated on the Mediterranean east coast of Spain, 60km away from Valencia city. The project is covering a big demand of European youth willing to come to Spain to meet our culture, way of living and working while developing key competences for their future both in a professional and personal levels.Besides that, we will promote the huge possibilities of the program Erasmus+ amongst youth in the region. This will help them opening their minds, discovering how big is their multicultural environment, developing new competences, working with their self-development and self-knowledge, as well as empowering their values as cooperation and solidarity, human dignity, social justice or sustainable development. All this will enhance their pro-activity and empathy while improving their critical analysis and entrepreneurship spirits and therefore their work and personal possibilities. Main objectives of this project are:1) to offer the opportunity of learning and managing a non-profit association step by step;2) to learn how to create and to develop volunteering and non-formal education projects;3) to write and share the results of the work made by Xeración Valencia both in local and international levels to be disseminated and creating a multiplier effect;4) to improve the quality of our projects and activities by getting collaborations with youth from other countries with different perspectives and approach;5) to collaborate with other associations from Gandia visiting educational centres, creating awareness campaigns and other events;6) to give the opportunity of learning how to create audio-visual material (catching and editing video and photography) for the promotion of Xeración Valencia and the Erasmus+ program;7) to promote the Erasmus+ program amongst youth from Gandia and the region to encourage them participating in the program; 8) to promote the idea of a sustainable development and a responsible consumption by practical facts: creating their own field to grow food and organising workshops, activities and events for children and youth.To achieve these objectives the 3 volunteers will spend most of their time (25 to 31 hours) in Xeración Valencia but they will also collaborate with different associations (5 hours per week max.) in order to get the most from their experience not only working with us but also with the rest of the community. Some of the tasks in Xeración Valencia will be: 1. Non-profit entity and project management: - acquiring the knowledge and experience in order to be able to start and manage a non-profit;- helping to organise training courses and other activities from Erasmus+ program;- supporting the creation of activities and events for children in order to develop them in Gandia and in one of our supporters' space called "El Palacio Ducal"; - helping to coordinate our local volunteers; - creating, publishing and delivering a digital and paper magazine about the association, news from the region, interviews, events and other interesting information for the volunteers;- to give support creating a new website and keeping it updated, as well as the facebook page and other social networks; - helping with the design of logos and promotional materials for the association;- promoting EVS and other actions of the Erasmus+ program in order to encourage Spanish youth to take part in the program;- to help improving the space where the office of Xeración Valencia is located in Gandia (Consell dels Joves de Gandia);- to help creating audio-visual material for the organisation, photographs, videos, time-lapse, stop-motions or any others;- to give support to the network Xeracion with offices in Galicia and Madrid.2. Sustainable development, responsible consumption and healthy lifestyle:- to create their own green space where they can plant vegetables promoting a healthy style of life;- promoting the values of the association amongst the population in the region by creating campaigns, activities and other events;- creating products like jewellery, handbags, furniture and many other things from recycling materials;3. Other associations:- GlobalMon: supporting their work on cooperation and development in Africa and Latin America.- SPAMA: helping them to take care of animals in their daily work (mainly dogs and cats)- Consell dels Joves: supporting their activities and campaigns being developed in schools.- Teatre Raval: creating new events and promoting the theatre around Gandia.- MCI (Movement against Intolerance): supporting their activities, campaigns, events and workshops for children and youth.

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