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Non-formal Education Tools and Methods for Democratic Changes
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project emerged after number of trainings and seminars carried out by Respect International – West-East Bridges Foundation in the Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Russia dedicated to intercultural dialogue and the support to democratic changes in Eastern Europe. The Youth in Action funded project “Intercultural Dialogue in Youth Work. How To” that we implemented in 2013 and Open Society Foundation funded project that we implemented in 2013 in Russia in cooperation with our Russian partners, plus Youth in Action projects implemented in Turkey (2013) and Georgia (2014) in cooperation with local partners showed that the young people from Eastern Europe have completely different understanding of meanings of democracy, freedom and equality than their Western European peers. The objectives of this training are: 1. To use international experience to come to the common understanding of basic European values with the help of different non-formal education tools like group work, discussion, role play, team-building, living library, forum theatre, group drawings etc. 2. To share the tools and methods of non-formal education that the participants and their respective NGOs could use in their future work with youth for the democratic changes in their countries. 3. To develop new approaches for the better inclusion of youth in social activism and new joint projects ideas for the support of democracy in European countries. Three groups of countries will be involved - the ones that recently faced mass actions/riots - Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine - the countries with underdeveloped civil society, hard economic conditions, employment issues and high level of corruption; the ones with better developed civil society, - Albania, Estonia, Latvia; and the ones with the best developed democracy and levels of life in Europe - The Netherlands and Portugal. With these partners we have a good set of Eastern and Western Europe representatives (50/50) for the aim of this project and the variety of skills, experience and competences to have great discussions that will allow us to come to the common understanding of basic European values and to share the tools the participants and their NGOs could use in their future work with youth for the democratic changes in their countries and to create new approaches for future projects in support of democracy and international cooperation. It also addresses the needs of participants and their organizations such as: international experience, intercultural awareness, more active participation in the society, better understanding of EU values. The group will consist of 25 participants (youth workers) plus 3 facilitators. The 7 days long Training Course will take place in June 2015 in Batumi, Georgia, as this country itself is an interesting example of the country with very strong national traditions, but at the same time the most successful in Caucasus and Central Asia in democratic development. Ajaria can be a good example of interethnic issues' solution via negotiations and compromise. The working methods will be discussions, work in pairs, trios, small and big groups, interactive role-playing games, icebreakers, team-building, simulations, living library, forum theatre, city game, intercultural and other parties, energizers, daily evaluations etc. The participants will be given a chance to act as trainers/facilitators. Informal communications and visits to local NGOs. All the participants will be actively involved. Also in this project we make a big accent to intercultural learning and cultural awareness. The potential long-term benefits of this project are: more tolerant and open-minded young people in project countries, common understanding of democracy and European values among young people from Western and Eastern Europe, more socially active youth in European countries.
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