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Noi perspective asupra invatarii autentice prin utilizarea cadrului natural in mod transdisciplinar
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has been generated by the need of our teachers, students and parents to develop ecological awareness, through integrative approaches (inter / pluridisciplinary) of curricular and extracurricular educational contents, and by means of ecologic communication.The general aim of the project is:Development (through mobility and group activity upon return in our college) of competences for the teachers of the college in the domain of education for sustainability through meaningful experiences in nature;Specific aims:1. Developing for our teachers of practical competences in order to create, design for didactic purposes and test outdoor areas, in correspondence with the obligatory curricula corresponding to the scientific domains to which they belong, for secondary school and high school levels.2. Developing for the teachers in our school of competences to create and teach interdisciplinary lessons, in agreement with the needs expressed by our students. 3. Developing for the teachers in our school of intensive competences of ecological communication.The target group for this project is represented by 16 teachers from "Petru Rares" National College Suceava, structured into two groups, corresponding to the two mobility fluxes. The first group consists of 10 teachers from the educational areas: Geography, Earth Science - 2, Physics / Chemistry - 2, Biology, Health Education - 2, Arts - 1, Statistics, ITC - 3. The second group consists of 6 teachers from the domain Language and Communication - 3 teachers of English, 2 teachers of Romanian, 1 teacher of German. All the teachers from the target group will be certified for their linguistic competences with Cambridge, ECL certificates, CLILL. The first group will participate in a training activity entitled "Heading for Sustainable Development", over a period of 5 days, in Volos Greece, in April, 2017. The second group will participate in job shadowing activities in April 2017 as well, over a period of 5 days, in Kisa, Sweden, in partnership with Kinda Education Centre. Upon return, the first group will achieve the following:- creating 5 outdoor educational areas in the proximity of our college, within 3 months after completing their mobility- test the experimental potential of the outdoor educational areas (within 3 months);- cooperate in order to create 100 educational units destined to be taught in the educational areas in an interconnected manner ( pluri / interdisciplinary) - over a period of 3 months;-Iidentify the best communication methods teacher - student, student - student for the created lessons which will be later integrated in lesson projects (within 3 months);- digitize the educational units previously conceived in order to make them sustainable and accessible for larger communities of learners ( within 6 months);The second group of teachers from the area Language and Communication will develop theoretical and practical competences in the domain of ecological communication (respecting the symmetry between the life of natural systems and authentic communication and involving students in group decisions). These teachers will achieve the following:- Organizing non formal activities to practice ecological communication;- Creating a CDS ( School Decision Curriculum) entitled "Sustainability through ecological communication and cultural practices"; - Elaborating and testing (with the help of volunteer students) of didactic materials for this CDS (Drama games in nature, Stories in our garden, Landscapes and Legens, Guide for outdoor non formal activities), useful for holiday camp activities. These documents will be digitised as well and loaded on the Moodle platform of our school, in connection with Edu Moodle Romania, thus becoming accessible to larger communities of learners.The direct and specific impact of the project implies developing of competences of teachers from the domains of Art, Science, ICT, Language and Communication, to design curricular and extracurricular activities, having as a key component their students' education for sustainability. The interdisciplinary approach is the main path towards achieving this.The general impact of the project refers to generating attitudinal change in the students', parents', school partners', local community and Romanian educational system awareness of human interconnectivity with nature, generating transformative learning based on values, critical thinking, promoting cooperation and authentic communication, all these manifested in responsible behaviour towards nature, inspiration and motivation for creating a sustainable future.The project is in correspondence with the 4 strategic aims of the institutional development plan. Reaching the aims of the project means fulfilling the indicators of our college strategic development.
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