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Noi abilități și competente pentru noi locuri de munca pe piata europeana
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

?New skills and competences for new jobs on the European labour market? was a project addressed to a group of 34 students from Technical College (Colegiul Tehnic), who are in initial professional training (IVT). The qualifications of the target group are: welder,car mechanic and technician in electric plants. The distribution of this group was: 7 students who are qualified in the car mechanics domain, 7 students who are qualified as welders, and 20 students who are qualified in the technician for electric plants domain. The 14 students who are qualified in car mechanics and welders come from professional school, a new form of education, the XIth grade, the second level of qualification , and the other 20 students , qualified in technician in electric plants domain come from the technological high school, the third level of qualification. The project will also involve teachers who would accompany the students, the representatives of the intermediary organisations and of the host organisations. The main objectives were: 1. supporting the participants in professional training activities by gathering knowledge, developing skills and qualifications meant to facilitate personal development, professional insertion and participation on the European labour market 2. promoting cooperation by assuring quality in all the sectors of education and professional training; 3. assuring a better transition from school to active life; 4. facilitating the insertion of young people on the labour market. The needs to which the project were addressed: 1. at the participant level : a.for the welding qualification- Fusion welding proceduress,Pressure welding procedures,Control of welded joints b.for the car mechanics qualification ?Maintenance,diagnosis and repairing of the car c.for the technician in electric plants qualification-Measuring the electric plants, Exploiting electric plants,Maintenance of the electric plants - the need of applying theoretical knowledge to practice - the need of knowing and using modern and in accordance to the European standards, equipments - the need of knowing a different cultural environment - the need of an easier integration into the labour market. the school level - the need of offering a quality educational system and increasing the attractivity for the technical education 3. at the local community level - the need for graduaters, who are trained according to the European standards . The results of the project are: At the participants level: - 34 students with new competences and practical skills in the mechanic and electric domain - applying specialised theoretical knowledge in a similar environment to their future job; - a better transition from school to job; - an increase of self ? confidence . At the school level - 3 lab guides,electronic format,for the three qualifications-welder,car mechanic,technician in electric plants - a better acknowledgement appreciation from the local community; - a CD with the project activities; - the web page of the project. At the local community level: -qualified labour . The mobilities took place in Germany and Cyprus : between 23.04.2015-13.05.2015,in Cyprus and between 02.02.2015-23.02.2015,in Germany, car mechanics and between 24.06.2015-14.07.2015, in Germany, for welders . The European partners were: -the receiving organisation: ZAW Zentrum Leipzig,for welders and car mechanics and P.Kousios Electrical Ltd MARIOS PETINOS CONSTRUCTIONS & DEVELOPERS LTD , Cyprus. -the intermediary Wisamar, Leipzig OPEI Cyprus. The validation of the competences have been made by Europass Mobility and Memorandum of Understanding.
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