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No tengas miedo de nada. Don´t be afraid of anything
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nearly two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, publics of former Iron Curtain countries generally look back approvingly at the collapse of communism. Majorities of people in most former Soviet republics and Eastern European countries endorse the emergence of multiparty systems and a free market economy. However, the initial widespread enthusiasm about these changes has dimmed in most of the countries surveyed; in some, support for democracy and capitalism has diminished markedly. Spain having other type of conflict. We all remember:"Que se vayan todos," or "Away with all of them," became one of the slogans chanted by the tens of thousands of "Indignados" in Spain at protests some time ago. In addition to their eponymous outrage, many had one thing in common: Most were young and viewed themselves as victims of the crisis. The main theme of the youth exchange is conflict management and mediation as media and communication because communication is basic stone for solving any type of conflict – intrapersonal and interpersonal and media are playing significant role in conflict at all levels. The context or focus of this project and the main aim of the youth exchange is to increase ability of the participants to solve conflicts around them and to contribute to create safe and open space for non-formal activities as well to mobilize youngsters in their local communities to join these activities develop with aim to improve situation in the local communities - for example connect youngsters coming from divided communities, different cultural backgrounds. Also the acquisition of competence through non-formal learning as well as to the promotion of young people's active participation in society - all of this through the prism of international volunteering initiatives. The participants will also create a brochure on DVD. As result of dynamic life young people became less tolerant and more aggressive. They think that that kind of behavior will insure them success leaving most important values behind. Missing knowledge of conflict management and mediation is often a reason of stagnation not just at field of youth work. We believe that all countries included in the project have or had some conflict which is disturbing the active citizenship of the young people all around Europe. The project includes youngsters from different backgrounds, including ones that come from areas with economic, social or educational disadvantages and difficulties. Through the various workshops, discussions, practical work and presentations the participants will be guided in the overall process of development of solid and well-structured projects and initiatives that will later on have a lasting and strong impact on their local environments and also on a wider level. The Youth Exchange was develop based on needs of youth workers and leaders of involved organizations and it is based on needs assessment done within involved organizations. Expected results of this project are directly connected with social and personal development of the participants - increase knowledge about conflict management and mediation, develop core skills of conflict management as effective listening, ability to demonstrate empathy, ability to recognize the drama triangle as a game that people play, increase intercultural skills of the participants and ability to work in intercultural environment, increase knowledge about Erasmsus + and develop new projects contributing to overcoming conflicts in participants communities. The Youth Exchange will be based on non - formal learning and include following working methods that are supporting active involvement of participants - discussions, team presentations, simulations, role plays. Moreover the participants will be actively involved in creating final products of the project - writing articles, taking photos that will documented learning process.
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