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No more helpless students - A strong response to Racism and Xenophobia by the WAAP Project

In the century of new millennium, Europe is seeing an alarming resurgence in xenophobia and racism both of which poison the atmosphere of trust we need in order to live in peace and harmony. We all accept that an individual cannot be born a racist but only learn to become one. Children develop their ideas on racial difference from the variety of messages they receive mainly from their peers, parents and the wider community, they are not simply passive recipients of this information. Educators often confront racial prejudices among the young, most of who are completely unequipped to cope with those that needs to be tackled before leading a rise in racially hate-motivated violence and harassment at schools. Racial discrimination sometimes leaves their victims feeling helpless and even cause their early dropouts. Studies such as in-depth analysis of the incidents, rising awareness against racism, teacher training and a trans-national discussion platforms where best practices are shared present excellent opportunities to eradicate those direct and indirect racial discrimination both from schools and communities. As many schools are often reluctant to acknowledge the presence of racism and xenophobia, we can’t underestimate the social dangers of waiting. Our project_WAAP_ (We Are All People) intends to discover the ignored reasons why these teenagers of the partner schools have these kinds of behaviors against different races and cultures as well as enabling teachers to notify the problem in pursuit of a new policy statement and to develop the competencies, skills and attitudes related to foster cultural understanding and multiculturalism which prevents racial prejudgments and increase students' self-confidence to achieve their potential . Through various activities such as cooperating with parents, teachers, teacher education institutions, school administrations and local referral services we are planing to familiarize our pupil

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