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No labels, please!
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Center for Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles - Center E8 proposes to host a Training entitled “No labels, please!” for 30 young people from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Italy, Ukraine and Russia from 20th – 27th February 2012 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Main goal of this project is raising awareness about the issue of discrimination and the importance of combating our own prejudice in order to avoid labelling people based on groundless impressions we have of others.The key component of the training will be the use of drama in education meaning that the issues of stereotypes and causes of discrimination will be dealt with through diverse theatre activities. In addition, participants will have a chance to meet and work with other cultures and to exchange experiences about the problem caused by stereotypes and prejudice and about the ways of overcoming it. At the end of the training the participants shall do a theatre performance which will focus on raising awareness of the local public about the problem of “labelling people” in societies throughout Europe. Working together on combating the issues of stereotypes and discrimination the participants will learn to understand that in the end we should all be equal despite our differences and that we all have the responsibility of building an open-minded and non-discriminating Europe as European citizenship is not bounded by the borders of the European Union.

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