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Archive of European Projects

Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” springs from the consideration among young teachers that through sport and drama activities students in our schools will gain three C’s knowledge how to create, communicate and cooperate. We are the teachers of primary or secondary schools located in eight European countries with different languages, cultures, traditions and school organization. We can state that there is a big number of children with special needs or cares, and students coming from other countries with the language gaps, that need to be taught using lots of innovative methods in curricular and extracurricular activities. We come from England, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Poland and Estonia. We are teachers with different cultural backgrounds united by a big will to collaborate and improve: ICT skills, solidarity, democratic values, tutoring, respect among participants. Some of us have already had in the past the special opportunity to live the experience of partnership inside Comenius program, others are newcomers. Everyone is also aware that it is very important to encourage, allow and promote the best teaching practice to draw out the best from all the young students in every country. The strong point of our International collaboration: Welfare, wellness , handicap, equal opportunities opened to different range of students with all the possible needs, human rights, collaboration and citizenship, traditions, emotions, creativity, art, universal languages and signs . Drama courses, sport, different kind of games are the path to let the students give out the best ability of themselves cooperating with others, respecting rules, overcoming their limits, learning new languages in the knowledge to be important for others, comparing their results with others. Learning by doing is one of the most often chosen method we will follow during the project activities where everyone is the actor of his growing path. Each person involved could try his/her special potential to show motivation, expression, language, mimic, ability to collaborate and learn inside a team group, and besides it students can easily study their own traditions (literature, authors , tales, legends, etc.) with other countries to understand how our past has influenced people and culture of each ethnic group. They will appreciate the importance of their heritage, and the importance of its transmission to other generations. Through drama, sport, art and music we wish to involve and develop students attitudes in their cognitive, affective, relational fields as they use universal body language: smile, simple sign sounds, emotions and dance, so everyone can be reflected in others and inter-act knowingly with a big number of people. Acting performances will help the community of students to access best results and improve their self-confidence; using technology devices and social networking will help them to know new friends, places, cultures and appreciate values such as peace, brotherhood and cultural knowledge. We will measure through questionnaires the effectiveness of the well teaching practice, the impact on the participants, the collaboration between the partners, the increase of European values and the conscience to be part of a global village with the same rights and the same responsibilities. We will also promote and increase human rights not just feelings and transmit them as a real way of life. All the communities will be aware of these practice: teachers, parents, authorities and volunteers . We will do lots of activities: international meetings, collaboration with associated partners (actors, theatre members and sportsmen), exhibitions, plays, sport games, seminars, books; the results will be visible on the school websites Through the project's activities students will acquire the knowledge regarding respect and responsibility for social values: family and community, natural and cultural environment. The entire learning process is organized as a non-formal teaching based on the place-based educational concept, which will include an experiential and cooperative learning approach, the learning through art approach, the project-based learning approach and ICT tools. This project has 2 sub-projects: "Drama" and "Sport". Each sub-project's topic is carefully selected, in the purpose to cover the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge. As methodical approaches, those topics are treated using a wide range of pedagogical approaches: research activities, conferences, workshops, learning through art (artistic creations, songs, dramatization), e-journalism, educational games, sports, outdoor education. As a feed-back of learning we will use volunteering activities. Even the evaluation process is innovative, realized through educational games, workshops, dramatisation. Using the results of the project we will create new curricula taught as a non-formal teaching based on the place-based education.
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