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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IN EUROPE" project comes to face the two major challenges with the ones we have to deal daily in our school. This school is located in the town of Alcala de Xivert, in the province of Castellón (Spain). The key issues to work on the project are: INTEGRATION and improving COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE. The integration is going to be worked in two areas, the first is centered in the students foreign families because of the large number of students of Moroccan origin who attend to the school (now verging 50%) and the integration problems that occur in the center, due to communication problems that exist mainly between school and families unable to engage spontaneous and fluent conversations without the use of translators. And second, focusing on the full integration and proper development of students who require special education needs, to enhance its development to its full integration into society with guarantees. In reference to the other large block, COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE, improvement is needed in several aspects. First, improving learning methodologies of English as a language of integration in a global society. Furthermore, learning through English helps to improve the other languages that we teach in the school (Valencian and Spanish) through the linguistic transference. All this will be done through the learning of new methodologies in Centers of reference in Europe, and focused on the students' interests. This project will have direct participation of nine teachers from the center as well as the management team. In addition, with the participation of the whole school, the association of parents of central and local institutions. The activities to be undertaken in it will be divided into two blocks: Integration block and linguistic block. - In the integration block, the training courses will focused on improving communication between the school and the family, in an active citizenship and conflict resolution, as well as improving learning methodologies to enhance the development and integration of pupils with special educational needs. - With regard to the linguistic block, this will be focused on the improvement of languages as tools for communication and human interaction, promoting English as an essential tool for the successful integration of students in the Europe of the XXIst century. The results to be achieved in this project are the improvement of the integration of students and families in the environment, and to develop and participate in the dynamics of the school, especially for foreign families and to imrpove the linguistic competence of our students in English, in order to stablish it at the level of the European average, and the official language of our community to an optimum level for them to be a successful tool to promote learning and development of the key competencies. All this impact is going to be achieved by all the possible means, such as local television, provincial and regional media, social networking, teacher training services and diverse educational institutions responsibles of our school. Thus, as a long-term, we are going to promote a better integration of the entire local society, that will facilitate the revitalization of village and the correct integration of all the parts involved in the development of students, as well as a substantial improvement in the domain of languages that will enable them to develop any activity to achieve success in this united Europe. A Europe where everyone can take part. A Europe where no child is left behind. "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IN EUROPE"
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