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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Topic: The project main theme is combine a youth platform to struggle with addicted materials which are very common and uprising daily, which also seen as a way of life in BATMAN city. Youths in Batman which social-economically and politically has been damaged, are observed as being abondened to the street drug sellers and terror gangs. These people firstly behave as indeed friends but lately they addict our children to drugs&addicted materials and capture their personality&sipirit and direct them for their own goals. They use these youths how they want and even sometimes they urge them to street violences. These youths had been used in street violences in close dates, many of them had been captured, injured or died. The most important issue is that using drugs and addicted materials(especially marihuana&Bally&Bonzai) had been accepted as a part of ordinary life. Our Children start to accept marihuana as simple as smoking cigarette. In European dimention, even the situation is not as bad as in Batman, is becoming more danger. To educate parents has become a vitally importance, because only families can observe their children,their behaviours, to search their friends, follow their schools' situations and care of them. If we educate their parents they can help their children about the results of addicted materials. Today in whole Europe there are more than two millions addicted people. *PROJECT OBJECTIVES: -To cooperate with partners to educate the families about the usage of addicted materials -To emphasize the social exclusion of drug users, to arise an awareness to include these addicted youths into social life and give them a hand. -To inform youths towards the danger of consuming addicted materials, the techniques&methods the drug gangs using in the streets, teach them what kind of friendships are the true and which are not. -To empower the organisaitons,NGOs,Governors attempts of educating people with seminars and conferences, cooperate with them, supply them the materials, documents and experiences we gain in international area. -To draw attention of local people to the importance of the issue, to held a comprehensive conference by inviting different organisaitons ,schools, parents and local people. -To exchange experiences knowledges in cultural, social and economical isuues with the European partners -To supply strategies, guideness and results by settling seminars/workshops, preparing handbooks to parents and education staffs. -To develope sense of tolerance among participants towards diversity, break prejudices, empower that differences are elements of a strong societies. PARTICIPANTS PROFILES: We will involve youths who has never joined in any European projects, who has interests to social exclusions, struggle against addictions,knows English to express themselves and can contribute to the project,active, open mindedand who really needs to such a project. Eight members of Turkish team is from School Green Club, and seven of the team are at the risk of addiction. These seven participants social environments are addicted people and some members of their families are addicted. From 7 EU countries 51 participants will come together to achieve the project goals. METHODOLOGY: During the trainings non formal education methods and especially some different applications and educationals techniques will be used. Participants centered programme will be used by enhancing principals of active participations. During the trainings mostly addicted materials and struggling strategies will be considered and the participants creativity and learning new applications are being targeted. In the first day participants will learn eachother with name games, peer works and team works. In the other days before activities energyzers will be applied. RESULTS: -Youths will learn the hazardeous effects of the addicted materials -They will learn how true friendships should be and they will built indeed friendships. -The addicted youths and their parents will learn where they can get informations ,guideness, help, medical treatment.
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