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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We will contribute to the training qualified staff of our students’ that can keep pace with technological structure of the region and make our school attraction center by improving vocational skills of our school students. It will be helpful for our students that meet a new and different culture to overcome their prejudices and being awareness of the issue that cultural differences is not important both special life and professional life and from this framework it will help them to change their point of view about live. In this way, students will be are more adaptable with the changing world. Besides this, students will take linguistic, cultural, job security and pedagogical training before they go abroad. So that they can understand the professional language used in the guide that they may encounter and will gain the ability to overcome the difficulties in cultural adaptation. Our student will become an individual that have high self-confidence and have a qualified staff can see life more clearly at the end. The reason pushing our school which is located in Ankara to perform project is that Ankara has world's third largest industrial region (Xinjiang), and for the development of this region, education of vocational skills knowledge acquired individual is required to be employed. According to research conducted in industrial workforce is constituted with "skilled" apprentices. Ankara as capital city of Turkey needs to training qualified personnel and employ them. Of our students go abroad without another chance to work for a living studying to live with limited facilities due to economic difficulties will probably be the only facility in the hands. Many of our students go to city center only by bus holidays which are free of charge. We want this not to be the fate of our economic impossibility students, we would they want to appreciate the value of vocational training, so that they help in the development of individuals and they help the development of their fatherlands. We see many objects we touch the structure consists of plastic waste. Time that we live in is defined as plastic era. Infrastructure of small objects, often used in hardware material is composed of PVC material that we define. PVCs are widely used in construction to show welding of our country in particular; currently there is no place in the curriculum. Seeking the our results with learning that PVC welding of training is given by our partner in Germany will develop our students’ professional knowledge and skills so the mobility with students from our school will be provided. The flow dates that we want to carry out is 16.April.2016 30.Nisan.2016. 2 weeks is seen as sufficient for our students and teachers after our conversation results that we make with our partners abroad.

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