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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The quality and richness of the countries are primarily estimated with the rate of well educated and informed people today. The walfare and development of a country depends on the well educated and qualified people in order to compete with the World. Unfortunately, it is really disappointing that it is really hard to find qualified intermediate staff in the needs of economy, besides the unemployed rate of graduates from vocational education is rising gradually. This rate was %13,3 in 2010, and rose to %17,4 in 2013. The reasons of this rate are; highly cognitive talented students do not attend to vocational education, vocational education system does not fullfil the needs of labor market properly, existing vocational education system programme does not have any updated cooperation with the sides of labor market, the lack of proper equipment and not to have adequate, qualified educators. So, by the help of this Project, we aim to have more qualified students and help to create a better labor market as a partner of this Project. This will help to raise the competitive capacity of companies if they have qualified staff. We would like to create a permanent harmony at working area by building social dialogues and cooperation which will help us to have qualified staff. We aim to have some positive changes among our vocational educated students in local area as followed; • To have more qualified students in their vocational subjects, • To present them a chanceinorder to observethe latest technological innovations, • To teach them occupational ethichs of companies abroad, • To improve their language abilities, • To develop their European culture, • To increase their self confidence, • To ease finding jobs. Our Project includes 5 vocational high schools in different vocational fields with 12 students from each schools, totaly 60 students. Every groups have 1 attendant teacher and 1 director, so this Project has 70 mobilities as total. All the sudents who attend to the Project will be the students of 2015-2016 educational term as 11th and 12th degrees from school of nursery, department of machine, department of electric and electronics, department of accounting, department of food. With in the Project, students from the same department will have two weeks long apprenticeship among same departments in abroad institutions in the related mobility. So, they will have a chance to resolve the faults of practice. Qualified instructors who are assigned by the host institution, directors or attendant teachers will apply the planned activities. Our Project , with the frame of sustainable growth and staffing focused, aims to build up qualified members with the needs of competitive economy and information society, to improve staffing opportunities, to decrase rate of unemployment and also to activate labor market. We expect from the participants to become more qualified in their related departmens, so these qualified participants will help the improvement of labor market in our district, country and also in Europe. The participants of the Project sure will be the asked ones in labor market and they will be asked for sharing their experiences. As planned, they will be supported for active roles in future works. The participants will have a chance to consider the differences and similarities among their own and European institutions. They are going to observe and be informed about the all related institutions. And also all the participants will observe the working conditions, dicipline, difficulties, efficiency and roles in SME’s where they will do internship. The most valuable gain of the Project is to have a chance of observing vocational education institutions and SME’s, they will be able to see the precautions of European institutions to have qualified staff, sure they will transfer their experience and observations to our Country. In long term, if we finalise our Project as planned; • We will advance the performance of mutual cooperation for vocational and technical education. • We will adapt the usage of new Technologies. • We will enable communication among institutions and cooperation in international level. • We will contribute to creation of information society as global and EU level. • We will strenghten the aspect of Europe in technical and vocational education. The most wanted intention of the Project is to reach our country to the level of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Hungary which have a perfect system in labor market and vocational education system as shown with the upper rates of production among other European Countries.

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