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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The cycle of training course on different aspects of youth NGO management is designed to improve the quality of management in young and emerging organizations working in favour of youth. It is meant for professionalization of youth NGOs on international level by creating a solid network of partners educated in different NGO management aspects and helping each other, cooperating and promoting the knowledge they will gain. Therefore we will invite 3 persons from each country - youth workers, managers, heads of organizations and people involved in its management in age of 18-35) to come to Berlin for 4 training courses on: 1) strategic management of youth organization - formulating strategic statements, goal setting, planning, deciding on key issues, 2) team management, human resources, dealing with personalities in an organisation, finding and adjusting proper roles in a team, dealing with volunteers: motivation, support systems, 3) finances and budget-planning - different sources of funds (from all sectors) for providing financial effectiveness and liquidity of an organizations, intersectorial partnerships as strategic choice, fundraising and its legal aspects, 4) techniques of monitoring and evaluation, evaluation as a tool for development, managing a change and conflict. Main aims of this project are: * Professionalisation of management in youth organizations, which will result in better usage of their resources and increase efficiency. * Extention and harmonisation of our international structure (network of partners) realizing similar aims of empowering, educating youngsters and support their civic participation. * Improving efficiency of our partners: increase their chances to make better impact on our local environments, our beneficiaries, to make our actions more visible, better-managed, better-tailored. * Establishing a solid and long-lasting platform for mutual help among our old and new partners: consolidating a new network of partners acting in the field of youth. By the end of the project we will collect main conclusions, hints, and handouts and publish a brochure for other organizations and youth workers on simple ways of increasing effectiveness of an NGO. We will also continue cooperation by creating an online platform for communication and ideas exchange, as well as further discussions on difficult questions of youth NGO management. Overall results will manifest themselves in professionalization of a youth sector in our countries, starting from our own organizations.
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