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NFe-learning. Herramientas y usos del e-learning para el desarrollo y difusión de la educación no formal
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Jul 17, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are at a moment in which the Teletraining has become a training mode accessible to any person of any part of the world. This type of training is mostly carried out by major educational institutions such as universities or training centers, but its use is not yet very widespread among youth associations and non-formal education. The NF eLearning project has given us the opportunity to educate young workers of European youth organizations to develop online training through one of the platforms of Teletraining most used at present, the Moodle platform, including a methodology similar to that of the non-formal training that apply these associations. The objectives of the project: 1. Develop and disseminate an active and participative methodology adapted to teletraining from non-formal education. 2. Establish a connection between the use of new technologies and non-formal education. 3. Train young people in the management and administration of e-learning courses. 4. Promote among the participants the measures of social entrepreneurship and creativity to carry out their ideas within their organizations. 5. Exchange experiences in the field of non-formal education, new trends and changes. 6. Promote the use of ICT tools for non-formal education among young people as a resource that encourages the participation and active citizenship in a more accessible form. Have involved a total of 39 participants from ages mainly between the 18-30 years old (except for the activity 1 "Contact Event" in which there was no age limit). It has tried to achieve equity in terms of gender (although not always has been possible) and has been tried to give priority to young people with fewer opportunities. The activities have been: 1. CONTACT EVENT: it was a moment of encounter between the partner associations. A duration of 2 days (and days of trip). In Loja, Granada. (7 Participants) 2. TRAINING: One of the key activities of the project, for the acquisition of skills in the development and use of the platforms of teletraining (Moodle), applications and accompanying tools, and its usability in non-formal education. A duration of 7 days (and days of trip). In Loja, Granada. (26 Participants) 3. JOB SHADOWHING: mobility of young people during a given period of time to check on the spot as they are carrying out the experience of the pilot courses put in place with the previous activity. Duration 13 days (and days of trip). The mobilities of flows have been: Spain-Greece, Portugal-Italia , and Polonia-Estonia. (6 Participants) It has been used a participatory methodology both to classroom-based level as a virtual level, making use of the tools of non-formal education and ICTs necessary for this purpose. During the implementation of each activity several activities have been designed to be the young the protagonists in their learning process, taking into account the importance of collaborative learning, cultural exchange, the active participation and creativity as essential elements in the entire process. The results correspond with the expected: 1. Creation of the figure "NFe-TUTOR"; 2. Active Moodle platform for the exchange of experiences and collaborative work between the partner associations; 3. Methodologies and activities for use on platforms of teletraining; 4. Pilot Courses: putting into practice the knowledge gained in each association with the creation of a course in Moodle within each association partner (total 6 pilot courses); 5. Reports from each experience; 6. Analysis of the various initiatives and best practices as well as the tools necessary for the implementation of the non-formal education through the e-learning. The project has had a high impact on the participating associations, in the young, and in their municipalities, especially in Loja where activities were developed in Spain. In associative level the project has been a strengthening of the entities, and the opportunity to create international networks and exchange of experiences. At the level of participants, has been a experience to acquire new skills, both techniques, such as communication and social. And it also emphasizes the impact in the town of Loja at different levels: among the general population and in the young people who have been able to see closely these kinds of initiatives.
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