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News Peoples Relations In Eastern Mediterranean (PEOPLES)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project PEOPLES has the general objective to create a permanent network of Local Observatories on the Migrations Governance in Eastern Mediterranean. It will act as a laboratory to elaborate integrated proposals to be implemented in the regional policies focussing on the governance of the migration process. The project envisages networking activities, both cognitive and programmatic, on the following sectors of intervention: 1. Regional strategies for the governance of migration flows in the context of national regulations 2. Integration-support measures and access to the welfare 3. Integration policies for the asylum-seekers In the present situation of a significant economic migration flow, the true challenge for the Eastern Mediterranean area is represented by the capacity to manage the migration processes applying an integrated approach, within the logical framework of regional strategies of development and stabilisation, to implement tools that maximise benefits for all parties involved (destination countries, countries of origin and migrants). The creation of a network of local Observatories on Migrations Governance supported by a strong trans-regional partnership can represent an efficient tool to provide the information and planning support for the public governance on immigration issue defined involving the main stakeholders as public administrations, third sector, trade-unions, research centres and migrants community. The general objective is the common development of: 1. Integrated approach to the surveys and analyses in a perspective of social dialogue involving the implementation of inclusive decision-making process. 2. New tools at transnational level for: • The public governance of the migration flows • The implementation of local public policies of social and economic integration • The implementation of asylum policies The main activities are: 1. Mapping and monitoring activities to draft Regional info sheets with basic information – in a common/comparable format – on: • Public policies for the migration flows management • Best practices on the integration-support measures and access to the social services • Integration policies for the Asylum-seekers 2. Defining and sharing the impact indicators referred to the migration flows 3. Defining some guidelines for re-adjusting and/or adopting new approaches as to the management of the entry flows and the presence of migrant workers at regional level 4. Drafting regional maps of projects funded at regional and local level on the projects issues (organised by different kind of activities, education, job placement, protection of social and civil rights) 5. Organising regional and transnational workshops and thematic working groups 6. Supporting networks and exchanges of information and good practices as referring to the asylum politics 7. Creating a database and archives online
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