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NEWORKERS - New Models for the Enhancement of ODL use in Life Long Learning of Workers - The Experience Approach

Based upon the results and experiences of previously-funded Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci projects, the current NEWORKERS project aims at the establishment of a forum for debate, discussion, promotion and dissemination of the use of the Internet as a tool for continuous training. The goal of the project is to increase the quality of the existing training projects, to enhance the development of current projects and to update training professionals with regard to pedagogical and technical progress in the field. Analysis of the results of each previously-funded project will focus specifically upon: the integration of ODL training into traditional training methodology; the training of trainers and training curricula; collaborative models of learning and teaching; training content and tools; student and management motivation; quality evaluation of training results; the certification and cost-effectiveness of internet-based ODL and impact on enterprises. Good practice guidelines will be developed for each of the listed topics with the project then establishing a reference centre for Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Decision makers, experts in the design and management of training methodology, human resources managers and teachers/trainers are primary beneficiaries for this project. The dissemination of project results will include the development of a brochure listing all project dissemination activities (seminars, meetings, etc.) with the reports also being made available in printed and electronic form (CD-Rom and a project website).
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