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New World Formula
Start date: 01 Nov 2012,

New World Formula English resumeIn a partnership that includes Portugal, Green Cape, China, Italy, Switzerland and Peru arises NWF. Putting the principle of Participatory Democracy as a main factor in development as the heart of the methodological and reflective process, NEW WORLD FORMULA team wants to give form to the "Development Challenge" initiative.We intend to shape the Partners Network "Development Challenge" through the creation of the spaces "Development Action Labs". We have as main objectives: to enable young people to try and strengthen the practice of participatory democracy as a factor of development with the practices of Non-Formal Education; reflect the themes of Democratic Participation of young people in schools (the role of student unions, among others),Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion and Sustainable Development based on the "Development Challenge"; promote Citizenship Education in juvenile communities with less opportunities (with youngsters that live in institutions and poor rural areas where the project will work) through the spaces Development Action Labs; disclose and reflect the youth association movement as a privileged practice of Participatory Democracy and promotion of new practices of inclusion and sustainable development.With this objectives NEW WORLD FORMULA will give life to the "Development Challenge"initiative, putting on contest action plans for local action in three different categories: a)Democratic Participation of young people in schools, b) Combating Poverty and Social"Exclusion c) Sustainable Development. The action plans should have a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 10 months, having a base and a well-defined audience, mainly young people at risk. May join the "Development Challenge" all local action plans generated from the spaces "Development Action Labs" (DAL), which will be created by the project, School Centers and other youth organizations that develop a relevant role in the area. The Jury will be composed of youth from each existing DAL, representatives of the Technical Team of the Project and representatives of the political class (policy makers). The winner of each category will see their path and experience of work published in the "New Word Formula - Ideas to change the world."We estimate the DAL spaces created by the project will achieve a youthful population that exceeds 400 young people in six countries. Spaces will be managed by the local youth groups of intervention in an integrated and coordinated action in their communities in an social and political context. These spaces will be based on a methodology based on the assumptions of representative democracy: with an election system itself and with the creation and vote for a local action plan (which will also tendered).Each DAL will create: a "Team of Awareness and Outreach" that will work the dissemination of "Development Challenge", trying to integrate new groups, a logbook with the digital records of a journey made by the group throughout the process, including the experiences in the local action plan, a monthly online meeting with other DAL groups around the world to share the experiences made, creation of DAL Local Agency, which from the perspective of community animation will use a kind of simulation of a local United Nations organization (this will be an organ of DAL that will integrate local institutions, other informal groups of the locality promoting a culture of partnership and also establishing communication between local authorities and the DAL).
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