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New ways to Social Action
Start date: Apr 1, 2014,

The main aim of this project proposal is to raise awareness and create space for open dialogue, inter cultural understanding, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity between majority and minority groups, not only in the partner countries involved, but across Europe – and potentially the world. Sub themes will be active citizenship and human rights education. Through new media trainings, comprising website building, blog, pod casting, graphical designing, and video production we will make campaigns targeted at European citizens in general, raising awareness of discrimination issues all over Europe. We will empower European youth, enabling them to take direct action through reporting of discrimination issues and life stories directly on the future website, through action blog, footage, article and video production (creating an online magazine). The sharing of life stories and experiences is crucial for inter cultural understanding and mutual respect, since sympathy grows directly proportional with knowledge, networking, and friendships.
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