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New volunteers nest
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Mar 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The New volunteers nest is a safe place of cooperation and personal development for volunteers from different nationalities. It is dedicated not only to EVS volunteers but it includes also Czech and Roma volunteers cooperating with hosting organizations. This creates space for intercultural understanding and European togetherness via peer learning. Each person from the team individually brings their own potential and has the space to develop their competencies. It supports generation of new ideas and improvement of regular activities. This cooperation and intercultural peer learning brings benefits for all people involved in nest, for local community and for target groups of organizations, especially children and youth. Thanks to it inclusion and exchange of knowledge and experiences is faster and more effective.The new volunteers nest is an EVS project planned for 20 volunteers. It is based on our previous experience with hosting and coordinating EVS. The main motivation of hosting organisations and coordinating organisation is to create an inter-cultural safe space described above, which has a big influence on children and youths. At the same time each individual volunteer has the chance to express their own culture as well as expressing their own point of view. Under expert leadership of Decko Nachod pedagogues and hosting organisations they have the chance to prepare activities of non formal education. The EVS lasts for 12 months. The hosting project will take place in SVC Decko Nachod (the Centre of Leisure Time) for 5 volunteers coming from Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom and Portugal. SVC Decko Nachod will coordinate 15 volunteers for different hosting organisations:- 6 volunteers hosted in DDM Rychnov nad Kněžnou, volunteers will come from: Greece, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom,- 1 volunteer from Estonia hosted in MS and ZS Žďárky,- 1 volunteer from Austria hosted in ZS Plhov- 2 volunteers, 1 Italian and 1 German, hosted in ZS Nove Mesto nad Metuji,- 1 German volunteer hosted in MS and ZS Dolni Radechova,- 2 volunteers, 1 from Poland and 1 from Austria, hosted in NGO Dobra Dedina,- 2 volunteers, 1 Spanish and 1 Latvian, hosted in DDM Domino Hronov.The goals are:1. Development of volunteers´ competencies, especially improvement of pedagogical skills and inclusion - volunteers will be involved in activities with children of different ages and of different cultural backgrounds, they will also take part in activities for children with special needs and fewer opportunities.2. Increment of European awareness - volunteers will be involved in the activities within the Information Centre for Youth, where information about Europe, national and local youth projects and activities can be found and shared. It will bring increment of European awareness not just for volunteers but also for members of local community.3. Improvement of sport and outdoor activities, working with children and youth groups in sport projects under the leadership of a specialist in sport education. Emphasizing on equality in sport participation.4. Improvement of creativity, art and graphics, decorating, creating posters, working with children and youth groups in art projects under the leadership of a specialist in art education, design and modern dance.5. Intercultural teaching as well as working with multicultural groups :Czech, Roma, Vietnamese children and other youth groups.6. Development of youth participation - encouraging young people to be active in society by working with inclusion, preparing activities for local community, implementation of miniprojects.¨The project will be implemented in a strict cooperation of coordinating and hosting organizations. The volunteers will be working alongside a team of Czech volunteers and will be supported by coordinator and leading pedagogue. The volunteers will be involved in activities of SVC Decko and they will have regular meetings with coordinator from the organization and with a mentor. It will provide monitoring and support. The most important impact on the participants is their personal development. They will have a chance to develop all key competencies, especially social and civic competencies and cultural awareness and expression. They will learn the principals of communication, team work and multicultural tolerance. The project will lead them to be more active and responsible. The essential outcome of the project is dissemination of the idea of EVS in Nachod and Rychnov region. Understanding the idea Europeanism, multiculturalism and inclusion not just between participants but also to target various groups of youths and within the local communities. One of the biggest benefits of this project results is the municipality taking part and supporting the concept of "mini projects". As well as EVS volunteers being able to leave their very own "footprints" creating a sense of integration for the youth in the communities.
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