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Archive of European Projects

New Technologies - new quality and new opportunities
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project were : - Expanding training opportunities (more training with the use of new technologies) - technologies that surround us are changing at a rapid pace hence the need for continuous training of trainers and extend of their competences in order to adapt to the changing training offer. Examples of new competencies , skills are : management of social networking , online marketing, cloud computing , integration of different work tools ( tablets, smartphones , blackberry ) , and E - learning etc . - Staff development ( soft skills , innovative and effective teaching methods ) - We worked with coaches who ware very highly evaluated by the participants, however we knew that we had to ensure their continuous development and improvement of skills , introducing innovative teaching methods to training. - The activities in Internet ( e-learning platforms ) - using the opportunities offered by the internet, INT planed to expand its business using e-learning platforms , videocasts . They can be used regardless of location or time limits and the more attractive to the participants - To acquire the knowledge and experience of the trainers how to conduct training with challenging groups ( coming from different backgrounds , people with disabilities , different age groups , etc. ) - The more experience coach gets the better, he/she will be able to customize the training to the participants. - To refresh knowledge , learning new tools and methods of training by trainers with longer experience - emphasis was given also to the development of coaches, in the context of updating knowledge , possible improvements , the exchange of experience and the use of modern tools . - Establishing greater cooperation with other organizations in the EU. The aim was to increase the number of students and the quality of training, offer assistance to entrepreneurs in establishing international contacts , etc. . Institute of New Technologies sent 10 trainers to foreign courses , during which they could acquire and expand the current knowledge of the conduct of training and acquire new technical skills , which have affected both the increasing attractiveness of the training organization and its current activities . The key trainers took part in matching them training cycle , which included improvements in areas: 1 use of new technologies in teaching, 2 use of innovative teaching tools and methods taking into account the diverse groups of learners , their capabilities and needs, as well as modern methods of acquiring new listeners , 3 improvement of communication skills in the context of the diversity of customers , 4 Improving the workshop of a trainer, best practices - the use of observation, modeling methodology and implementation of other trainers in future training. We gave a chance of improving the workshop training and exchange of experience especially to the trainers with disabilities. The planned courses helped to establish contacts with the EU institutions in the activities of a similar nature . At present larger training offer has an influence on both the development of institutions and development of workers and trainers of INT - there is an increase in competitiveness, competence and knowledge. INT training offer has been extended and improved , and the coaches have become more attractive in the training market due to the skills and expertise and the quality of training .
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