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“New start: European culture and values training for a smooth integration of migrants and refugees”
Start date: Nov 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Refugees crisis and other non EU migration are challenges that should be tackled urgently in Europe. Besides the humanitary aid ( need for food, housing and basic goods for refugees and migrant families and young people) , it is urgent to react in providing with basic skills and the first elements to a smooth integration in their EU receiving countries.Experience has shown in recent years that massive migration and refugees exodus has a big impact in receiving countries, leading to difficult integration and undesired side effects such as xenophobia from local population. Xenophobia, social exclusion, discrimination and discontent with sudden awakening from the “European dream” can cause marginalization and radicalization of migrants and their families with subsequent undesired side effects such as the terrorists attacks in Paris and recently in Brussels.The Paris declaration, adopted at the Informal Meeting of the EU Education Ministers in Paris on 17 March 2015, gave the strong signal that, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Ministers wanted to boost EU-level cooperation in the acquisition of social, civic and intercultural competences, by promoting fundamental rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue in all forms of learning. Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education is one of EU priorities nowaday at ET2020. Many NGOs have a great deal of expertise in addressing these issues by providing non-formal education where the government lacks the capacity to do so, and are the relevant stakeholder that can be key to swiftly impact on refugees and migrants target groups for a better integration. Spain and Italy are EU countries with EU external border with a long experience in facing massive legal and irregular migration from non EU and developing countries. How many in these flows are irregular labour migrants and how many are refugees? It is difficult to know. Refugee crisis has expanded the number of countries facing a really demanding challenge of receiving a big number of refugees and other migrants such as Germany and UK. Many best practices from the non formal and basic adult education provided by NGOs, charity organizations and social services at local governments are developed in different countries, but they are disperse and non complete, providing with some training directed towards migrant and refugees target groups, while there is not a well structured teachers or educators training or train the trainers in this field. In this sense, a transnational EU project bring together all the expertise and innovation from Italy, Spain, Germany and UK, that has been developed in formal and non formal education contexts, developing handbook with teaching techniques and training materials for teachers of adult migrants and refugees. This is where European added value can put together all the different and disperse best practices in Europe for the benefit of educators, teachers and trainers in adult training and other relevant organizations over all Europe: NGOs, social services at local administration, charity organizations.The products will be produced under the development of 2 Intellectual Outputs: IO1 and IO 2, adressed to trainers and educators and to migrants and refugees respectively.1) Acting on Adult training professionals in formal and non formal training and professionals acting in an informal training of migrants and refugees. Providing the right skills, training techniques, and making training resources available.The handbook for educators will contain teaching techniques useful in more formal and non formal situations, as well as techniques to be used in more informal contexts. The whole set of techniques must follow the principles of respect, inclusion and mutual tolerance.2) Acting on refugees and migrants themselves. Providing knowledge and resources for a better understanding of life and values in Europe and in receiving country. This will make their new life in the new country easier, more pleasant, more inclusive and with a better access to labour market.Project downloadable training materials for adult educators and for migrant and refugees learners will be free accessible form project website in easy and ready to use Pdf files. Pdfs will be available in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.At least 100 adult educators and relevant stakeholders will take part in face to face project activities. It is expected that at least 600 people can take part in the project in different ways.Accelerating the process of a better understanding of refugees and migrants of receiving countries culture, European citizenship rights and duties and European culture at workplace, will have a very positive impact on refugees and migrants with a better understanding and integration, enhancing their comfort and possibilities of a new working and prosperous life at receiving country.
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