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New skills for the future entrepreneur
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Dec 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At a time when unemployment in Europe is increasingly alarming values - 12.2% in the euro area (however, the rate varies according to the area of the region In Germany, the rate is at record low of 5 %, while Spain and Greece experience fees close to 27%, with the youth unemployment more than double that amount), there is an urgent need to train young people and youth leaders with new skills. The traditional career ceased to exist and, it's essential for young people to be creative and dynamic, arranging tools to enter in the labor market, increasingly difficult to access. This project comes with the purpose of sharing best practices among associations of various countries , encouraging intercultural awareness and cultural diversity and empower the leaders of these associations and youth participants with new tools, so they can create in their countries of origin , enabling environments and drivers for the acquisition of these skills among young people. Will also be discussed themes related to ICT as a tool for development of entrepreneurial attitude. This project will be held from 5th to 12th September 2014, in Braga , Portugal, with the participation of 30 young people from 10 different countries were selected taking into account some indicators : youth unemployment , economic crisis , lack of initiative and reduced youth associative movement . Young people will be selected with an active role in society , which are part of an organization or that , somehow , able to influence others . These young people should have a profile of entrepreneur , integrating skills such as leadership , proactivity, dynamism, capacity for teamwork , critical thinking , empathy , negotiation skills and self evaluation. These young people since they already have some of the above skills can improve them and acquire new tools for this project , so they can motivate and mobilize their local communities , contributing to a change of mentality and attitude to problem in each country, placing young people as active members of their own change. The objectives of this project are: to present the importance of the development of entrepreneurial attitude; demonstrate the conceptual justification of entrepreneurship education; present the difference between "entrepreneurial spirit", "entrepreneurial culture", "entrepreneurial attitude" and "intra-entrepreneurship"; provide skills that result in the entrepreneurial profile; sensitize those involved in the development of entrepreneurial attitude; promote the adoption of learning methodologies to promote the adoption of entrepreneurial attitude ; introduce active learning methodologies , focusing on young and project-based and demonstrate the relevance of ICT in the development of entrepreneurial attitude. This training will be developed based on the teaching-learning methodologies predominantly active, learner-centered and their participation. The theoretical component will always be interspersed with practical exercises to apply the concepts covered. The participants will be the key elements in the development of the action. The shares will be primarily theoretical-practical and practical , with all contextualized theoretical for practical exercises. The activities performed during the project will be: training activities on various topics related to entrepreneurship, moments of intercultural sharing (intercultural evening, Fair NGOs, presentation of the various countries and their realities), visits to intitutions in Braga that working with entrepreneurship (Minho University and Business Centre) and leisure time (karaoke night, movie night , etc). At the end of this training course, participants will be able to motivate and mobilize their local communities to take an active role in society, and realize the importance of entrepreneurship and to what extent this can change their lives. Additionally, participants enhance the entrepreneurial skills you already have and acquire new ones. With these new skills, participants can more easily enter the labor market or at least have the tools to create their own projects. Participants will be able to share their knowledge with others, supporting them in developing these same skills . This is a project that can be replicated in any of the partner countries which have a strong impact on local communities . It will be like a cycle: the more people do this training , most people can turn into true entrepreneurs; they may continue to replicate the training, forming new entrepreneurs .
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