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New skills for new jobs: modernization and flexibility of education systems
Start date: Feb 1, 2012,

ET 2020 framework, adopted during the Czech Presidency of the EU, provides overall basis for EU´s cooperation in the field of education and training. Following the European semester as the first implementation period of EU´s new growth strategy Europe 2020, we intend to focus more on implementation of ET 2020´s strategic objectives as one of the pillars of the “Smart Growth” pillar of Europe 2020. This has already been highlighted in both 2010 an 2011 projects, supported also by the European Commission, that aimed at contributing to achieving ET 2020´s strategic objective 2 – “Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training” in particular priority areas.As milestones on the pathway, the major events are projected as follows: 1) Flagship conference, which would use the Europe 2020´s flagship initiative as a base, tackling especially its second priority – a need for more skilled workforce, capable of contributing and adjusting to technological change with new patterns of work organisation. We intend to focus on considerable challenges, given the rapidly-changing skills needed, and the persistent skills mismatches in EU labour market. We want to highlight the investment in education and training systems, anticipation of skills needs, matching and guidance services as the fundamentals to raise productivity, competitiveness, economic growth and ultimately employment. 2) Seminar on financial and consumer literacy education as a key precondition to prepare young people for the future 3) Seminar on modernization of education systems, especially universities.As an important addition, this conference/seminar line would be accompanied by other means of dissemination/implementation of the project´s outcome, above all issuing publications and maintaining the webpage as a primary source of information and exchange of best practices.

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