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New Regional governance of the Euromed area (Medgovernance)
Start date: May 14, 2009, End date: Nov 14, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MEDGovernance is proposed by some of the most relevant regions of the area; it is aimed to analyse, to experiment, to realise and to capitalise an appropriate model of multilevel governance useful for States and Regions to support a polycentric and sustainable development of EuroMed area. The proposal is born from a supporting action from prestigious research institutes to the involved regions, it intends to operate inspired by the most successful experiences at global level (NordRegio, Council of Competitiveness of USA, and European Consortium for Political Research -ECPR) and make effective for the EuroMed regions: 1. the sharing of a common strategic vision 2. the sharing of orientations and political choices on themes of common interest, in a shared model of multilevel governance 3. to increase the efficacy of co-management of common interests policies among States, Regions and other administrative and political levels 4. a common action supporting the awareness of policy makers on the themes and the challenges of EuroMed area 5. the spreading of attention on the themes of polycentric development in the EuroMed area with particular attention to global dimension. The project will be addressed to make permanent the space to work, information, documentation and common capitalisation for the whole EuroMed area and it will be open to specialised research centres, universities, Regions and States. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startExcluding the present period_Communication Outputs: 1 Communication Plan, 1 Manual of Visual Identity, 5 newsletters, 1 logo, 1 Web portal, 2 EU Press articles, 2 web based fora, Informative materiel (6 brochures, etc.) 15 scientific articles published. Main results: Integrated communication strategy implemented Management Outputs: 2 Internal regulations,5 Steering Committee meetings, 1 Action plan 4 Progress Reports, Certifications of expenditure, 4 Demands for reimbursement, 1 Handbook, 1Mid Term Report of Evaluation. 1 Guidelines for the involvement of stakeholders (part I&II) Main Results: Efficient management and networking quality. Research Outputs : 5 thematic Reports, 1 Med Report, 1 Benchmarking methodology, 1 Resolution to CPMR, 2 Round tables of CPMR Main Results: Scientific based overview of Med Area, benchmarking of case studies developed, implication of CPRM regions. Awareness Outputs:1 Methodological Guidelines, 3 Master Class with reference material, 3 thematic seminarsLatest project activities and outputsCommunication Outputs: Newsletters 6, Barcelona Final Forum (July 7-8 2011) and Publications of Act. Updating and empowerment of portal, publication of 5 policy briefs, Wiki strategy of dissemination. Web protocol agreement Management Outputs 1 Progress Report, I Demand for Reimbursement, Final report of evaluation, Guideline for the involvement of stakeholders (part.III) Research Outputs. Publication of Final Policy Paper and contributions to macro regional debate on Med area. Awareness Outputs: 3 Thematic Seminars (May June 2011). Elaboration of 4 Strategic Plans and Capitalization Activities including: 76 interviews, 2 reports and 2 events (June 28 and 29 2011) addressed to the responsible of EU cooperation projects of MED, Italy France Maritime, Interreg IVC programs and 1 Database of the cooperation projects.Next key steps for the projectThe project ended its activities on 31 August 2011. Technical and financial closure is expected by 31 October 2011.
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