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New microbial carbonate precipitation technology for the production of high strength, economical and Ecological Cement (ECO-CEMENT)
Start date: Mar 1, 2012, End date: Feb 28, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

About 5% of global carbon emissions originate from the manufacturing of cement.According to IEA,cement production generates an average world carbon emission of 0.81 kg CO2 per kg cement produced.Cement related emissions are expected to increase by 260% throughout the 1990‑2050period.As consequence,the global production of cement in 2030 is projected to grow to a level roughly 5 times higher than its level in 1990,with close to 5 billion tones worldwide.Emissions of the global cement sector alone are very likely to surpass the total amount of CO2 emissions of the EU before 2030.As well, Industrial waste is now global concern,causing environmental and economic harm.Industries are rapidly trying to find a solution,searching for optimal ways to manage waste and to change the most common practices as landfill or incineration.Industrial waste is very heavy burden for the environment,where a significant proportion of this industrial waste is attributable to construction and demolition waste.To mitigate these threats ECO-CEMENT will allow recovering valuable resources from industry,capturing CO2 and transforming both products into ecological cement that can be used in construction or novel environmental applications.Based on the nature’s way of creating natural formations through bacterial contribution to carbonate precipitation,the main objective of ECO-CEMENT is to develop a novel bio-mimetic technology for enzyme-based microbial carbonate precipitation through the revalorization of industrial waste as raw materials,in order to produce eco-efficient environmental cement.The Bio-mimetic Technology will convert industrial waste,mainly cement waste and others by-products,into high strength,ecological cement using microbial carbonate precipitation via urea hydrolysis.Internal studies suggest that the combined use of industrial waste and the implementation of Eco-Cement technology can reduce GHGE from cement manufacturing by up to 11 % and 20 % reduction of construction waste.
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