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New methods and techniques in teacher training for FVA
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is aimed at enhancing the methodology and teaching techniques of teachers in various subjects in Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands, both in academic and vocational subjects. The courses we plan to undertake all involve ICT and digital technology to some extent. The aim is to strengthen our school's international connections and to make new contacts with schools in Europe by using eTwinning and by introducing ICT to our daily teaching and project work at our school. The ICT course is intended to encourage the development for pedagogical practices in the classroom and the sharing of points of view and participation in the free software associations. This will hopefully create a new dimension of our school by changing methods of work and motivating students. The course will give the participants, tools to achieve these goals.We are always looking for new tools to be more up-to-date in ICT, if only to keep up with our students and make use of the equipment they already have at their disposal, ideal for such usage. We hope to find some European partners in the training course who we can work on projects and produce common materials for online resources.As always, the hope is also to find partners to work on different projects where the material learned on the course The Immersion for Teachers of English is intended for English teachers in Europe with qualified native speakers as teachers. Its aim is also to promote British culture and the English language in Europe. The venue, Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage City and as such it promotes British culture by itself. For an English teacher this sounds really promising, as the course promises to include information n UK education systems and their differences and on Scotland's culture and history. The nebThese courses seem to fit Icelandic needs particularly as they are aimed at more advanced speakers. This is an excellent opportunity for English teachers to practise their oral skills in different situations. The course will hopefully provide the participants with various new methods and material to introduce and share with their colleagues in Iceland and other countries. The Nubescuela course in Spain is a really important venue for the only Spanish teacher in the school as she has few opportunities in meeting colleagues and learning about the latest methodology in the teaching of her language. The objectives of the course are also ICT targeted, to gain further skills in the use of computers and the emphasis is on individual work, cultural studies and creativity. The methods acquired at such a course will surely also be useful for other teachers in the school.-International ecoMEDIAeurope – Metal Congress 2016 is extremely important for metal teachers who want to keep up with progress in their field. The subtitle of the course is “Next standards in education for vocational schools” and it focuses on metal education, mechanical engineering, sheet metal worker, water cutting, welding, milling, 3D printing, CNC, CAD/CAM, QM, steering technology, industry 4.0 and leadership in schools. This course is particularly suitable for the two participants we aim to send in getting acquainted with the latest technology these programmes and the software used in them. The participants have already attended a preliminary course and we feel that this course is a natural continuation of this course. The beneficiaries are of course the students of our school who will learn to use the latest technology in their field. After the course the heavy industry companies in our neighbourhood will benefit from the knowledge as the participants will give instructions on courses as they have done before. It is beneficial to meet educators from different countries, in particular with the view of creating collaborative projects using ICT and I think all these courses provide excellent opportunities for meeting colleagues and to develop further new projects and partnerships. By the acquisition of new methods of teaching such as e-learning platforms, educational social network, collaborative project work the school and the students will become more up-to-date and hopefully more motivated We are a progressive school and aim to always offer the latest technology in our vocational courses and the latest methodology in our academic courses.
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