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New horizons - international and personal
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goals of the Project (12 months): - to show the EVS how it works and to popularize it - to educate young people for healthy life - to improve their linguistic culture. These goals can be seen in the volunteers’ daily routine and they help their non-formal learning. This Project helps us to continue the EVS activity, youth work and language learning and teaching successful here, in our village. We will use the results obtained up to date, of course. Our target group is the underprivileged young people for whom this Project gives a huge motivation. The aim of our Project is to help young people coming from different cultural and social backgrounds. The subjects are: 1) to show the EVS how it works and to popularize it: - photo exhibitions - power point presentations in various topics - programmes when the volunteers can present their own culture in other ways - conversations - professional meetings - articles in newspapers and websites 2) to popularize the healthy life by different types of sport and free-time activities 3) to improve linguistic culture: - study circles - language clubs. An important part of the project is to present: - how young people live nowadays - their surroundings - what influence and what kind of values they are under - which value they follow. By this project the volunteers work together with the local young people and organize creative and innovative ideas, which provide them to work out their personal and social features. Involved countries: Spain, Germany Number of volunteers: 2 people from an underprivileged region We prepare the Project with our partner organizations together. In case of winning this competition we execute it from the very beginning (to choose the volunteers) to the end of the Project (to find out what its values are). The results of the Project to be expected: - the value and the possibility of the voluntary service will reach to the young people who may joint Erasmus + - they may lead their lives in a healthier way - there will be creative and innovative free-time activities based on the volunteers’ skills and the local claims. Due to the language clubs and study circles the linguistic culture will develop, and it will help the young people to study more and better and to set new aims for themselves because these clubs and study circles would give them high motivation and this will happen not only the local young people but to the volunteers as well, of course. So the target group’s initiative, creativity, courage and self-knowledge will develop. They will think of Europe, the other nations, their possibilities and targets in another way. Further results: Short-term effects: their acceptance and tolerance will be higher, and they will be able to think and solve a problem together. They will feel themselves useful. Long-term effects: they will take part in the life of the village, they will not be a ‘foreigner’ any more, and they will be active people. New friendships will be formed over the borders – they can remain in contact and visit each other, so they will be more independent.
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