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New Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas
Start date: Jun 2, 2016, End date: Jan 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project NEW ERA - "New Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas" is meant to tackle the issues of youth entrepreneurship in the context of rural development and youth unemployment. We recognized the issues of developing rural areas because this areas are as important for youth as urban areas and we think that there is strong need to also focus on these areas. Our main objectives: to promote youth entrepreneurship, learn how to motivate investment in rural areas , provide proper tools for self-development of young leaders. We also want to emphasize the importance of active European citizenship in the context of the inter-cultural dialogue. The project is meant to share the good practices of entrepreneurship through different workshops and trainings held by competent trainers and experts in the field in order to provide youth with all the necessary tools for accomplishing the main objectives of the project.Training course " NEW ERA", which will gather 56 participants from Poland, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and 4 trainers . It will be held in Poronin, Poland, 3-10.07.2016 and 1-8.08.2016 . We would like to enrich the knowledge of youngsters regarding entrepreneurship as well as give them opportunity to express their opinion and improve their skills in the same field. On the other hand, we would like to raise awareness about the big gap between rural and urban areas because we considered that youngsters coming from rural areas are facing difficulties in their daily life. The methods would provide a mixture of theory and practice, sharing ad exchanging opinions, expertise and experiences in the field of entrepreneurship. Participants will complete a series of exercises designed to discover the answers by themselves and then put into practice what they have learn. Each thematic module includes interactive sessions that introduce participants to entrepreneurship concepts and tools and serve as the foundation for the practical activities and case studies. Participants then move on to work with a set of hands-on tasks designed around realistic scenarios, which provide practical experience in a context that simulates real work environments. Collaborative work is another core element of the course. Participants will engage in peer-reviews and discussion groups. Creative writing and thinking techniques will help to look for innovative solutions, team-builders and energizers will ensure positive, open and safe atmosphere. Through efficient training courses and workshops, we expect the participants to receive useful knowledge in the field of youth entrepreneurship and rural development which they can later implement in their community. The activities implemented during the training course will guide and motivate the participants to put they into practice the skills and knowledge gained during the training course. We expect the participants to implement actions related to youth entrepreneurship in their own communities, especially in the rural areas. The participating organizations will also benefit from the training course in a way that the participants of the training course will be able to share their knowledge within the organization, therefore the members of the participating organizations will be able to get a larger perspective on the current situation in the fields and issues tackled by the project in the participating countries, as well as other countries and communities all over Europe.As a whole, the target group of the project, which are active youth from the rural areas will be able to benefit from the project by receiving useful experience and information from the participants of the training course. Overall, the impact of the project will be the providing of necessary tools for active youth in order to take initiative and contribute to the process of rural development through means of youth entrepreneurship. The potential long term benefits will consist of improving the quality and quantity of youth entrepreneurship in the rural areas and a larger long term benefit will be the development of rural areas in general.

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