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NEW employees DEvelopment And Learning: technological methods and tools in favour of the professional development of new employees
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

The NEW DEAL project aims at creating a computer-based platform for the management of the learning paths of new employees occurring in the workplace. The idea is to valorise the learning process that the new employee attains while working, and to individualize the training paths necessary to gain the required skills: in fact, the assumption of the project is that the workplace is a key learning environment, needing to be valorised. This will be achieved by formalising and structuring paths for skills development that normally happen implicitly in the enterprise. The platform therefore enables formal recognition of the component of training on the job and of competences gained non formally and informally. New employees, that is apprentices or trainees in work placement, have been chosen as a target for the importance that training still plays in their working experiences and for the exceptional difficulties they experiment in the firm. Experimentation is done in the Large Scale Retail Trade, for the common features it shows in different countries, and for the growth trends it performs in terms of employment rates.The process starts from the definition of performance standards for 5 job profiles and of blended modular curricula to attain the standards set; next steps is the definition of tools to assess skills, also non formal and informal; their matching through the platform will result in individualized training paths and formalization of the skills attained.Results expected by the NEW DEAL project are:- development of skills matching the requests of the job market- definition of a clear perspective of development for new employees- availability for new employees of tools for self-assessment of their competences and attitudes - availability for the enterprise of a tool managing the internal knowledge and asset of competences- valorisation of the competences of employees attained at the workplace through a tighter collaboration between training and business.
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