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New ECVET teaching and learning culture for Europe and Lapland
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Internationalization is an important part of strategy of vocational education and training providers of Lapland. Rovaniemi Federation of Education focus areas including the development of a truly international activities, improve the quality of international , multicultural education and the development of international networks for the Federation. The quality and attractiveness of the development requires, for instance; preparing for the ECVET system, training of stuff, and participation in international operations. Internationalization must take into account the quality of the system and its development. Supporting multiculturalism requires, for instance mobility of teachers, multiculturalism, training and coaching. International networks are needed to strengthen for example information and communication technologies , as well as joint projects with partners in the network . These internationalization objectives and aims of Rovaniemi Federation of education are similar with the other large Lapland Vocational education provider Lappia . The project will be implemented to support teachers in the mobility period, in particular for the ECVET system, the introduction of training in Rovaniemi Municipal Federation/Lapland Vocational College and Vocational College Lappia . In the project vocational teachers become familiar with the basic vocational education in other European countries as well as well as educational institutions and companies offered learning environments for vocational education. Because of the project, the international mobility of the teachers in Rovaniemi Federation of Education/Lapland Vocational College and Vocational Lappia will increase, the capacity of teachers to work in a multicultural environment and language skills will strengthen also . The project will strengthen the education of Lapland Vocational College and Lappia Vocational College , as well as a networks of international partnerships In the project teachers become familiar with the new ECVET system in accordance with the teaching and assessment methods during their two weeks mobility perioid in Germany, Estonia and Spain. Dutch exchanges are one week in duration. Teachers get to know co-educational activities offered by companies for the students and vocational school. For the ECVET system the teachers must be able to work in cooperation with companies and teachers in other fields/subjects. Because of ECVET the learning outcomes are based on skills, competences and know-how instead of the time used for the studies. After the European mobility teachers apply their knowledge/experience for the developing the educational institution, curricula and learning enviroments in Lapland. The development will be as a natural part of the everyday duties of the teacher's work. Teachers to apply what they have learned during the mobility for the cooperation with the company, pedagogy, and evaluation work (skills demonstration), Lapland Lapland Vocational College, and ongoing support for teachers, the project aims to comfort the development of school teachers participated in the exchange would be possible. The project will strengthen the teachers language and cultural skills as well as internationalize the Lappish vocational education. Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education/Lapland Vocational College and the Vocational College Lappia have worked together on a number of ECVET forward-looking projects. LdV IVT ONLINE project, students completed a degree in e-commerce at work in enterprises . Learning by doing and supporting learning tasks slew them with a degree of the criteria of the curricula. LdV IVT ONLINE2 project, students acquire large-scale different study modules. The project will support quantity and quality of students and teacher mobiliteis in the future. ECVET implementation of the system strengthen the vocational education and competitiveness of Europe. In Finland, the introduction of ECVET is part of the process. ECVET 's entry into service objectives will require European vocational education and training institutions, teachers and co-operation. The aim of the project is to connect the teachers of vocational education in the ECVET system in Lapland
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