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New designers for production processes highly ergonomic and safe
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The human is central to process flexibility due to the ability to adapt to changing production, equipment configurations, apply discretion and make choices difficult to program into equipment. But if there is a mismatch between the workload exposure and the person ability, repercussions can include reduced productivity, injury and quality problems. Continuous inflexibility production lines are more easily designed for optimal worker performance. High value added process in industry customises products and create high-value low-volume intelligent solutions, and this needs flexibility. Thus, the challenge is to train students, post graduated and professionals with adaptive, quick-response, process ergonomics design and evaluation skills, for modern flexible manufacturing process to improve quality, productivity and health of the worker. This necessitates competence needs analysis and development of a responsive training model in ergonomic production processes design, in workplace ergonomics and safety optimisation. An iterative dissemination and quality loop will involve network creation for collaboration among professionals and centres of excellence. Main steps and expected results: - new profile definition and competence building for designing of ergonomic production processes and workplaces (ergo-designer); - educational model for training new ergodesigners; - dedicated network among centres of excellence, educational structures and new ergo-designers.Envisaged impact: - Reduction in injuries to workers and compensation costs to companies - Reduced occupational health social welfare costs for EU states - Improved productivity and quality in workplaces and in production processes- Improved flexibility in accommodating new product design at short notice and process changeover costs - Higher quality and more innovative engineer problem solving skills - Increased implementation of knowledge competence roadmaps, safety legislation and standards into European workplaces.

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