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New Challenges
Start date: Aug 3, 2016, End date: Dec 2, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

An increasing number of young people are having troubles for finding their first job and enter in the labor market. The profiles are diverse, affecting young people who are very prepared academically, but who have difficulties in gaining professional experience, or those with low qualifications and who left the school early.Moreover, there is the phenomenon called Net. Spain is the European country where there are most of the young people who neither study and work, and in Europe the percentage is significant, it is approximately 15% of young people aged 15-29 years.Whether we look at the unemployment figures in Spain and in many countries of the European Union, we can say that youth are the most vulnerable part of the labor market, are discriminated against, tight supply and high turnover. Prolong the dependence on parents has adverse consequences of many types: from increased aggressiveness in the young, to the increase passivity, depression, decreased ability to relate to people or to find other ways of socialization. At the end, the repeated failures in the research of a job, often results in apathy, resignation and shame at relatives, even a sense of guilt at the thought of self is primarily responsible of the situation. In many cases, this translates into apathy, spending long periods at home and most of the time watching television or listening to music, taking aside the active job research.In the current situation of youth unemployment, a perverse factor, is that these situations always affect a greater extent to those young people most disadvantaged.From all these considerations, among many others, comes this proposed of European Voluntary Service "New Challenges", whose main objective is to provide the young participants with fewer opportunities, unemployed and/or who find some kind of barrier to social integration in the labor market or to the academic level, provide them counseling, motivation and skills to help them in the future process of socio-employment in their origin countries. To do this, during the project and through various activities, we will work the acquiring or improving knowledge and personal, social and professional skills. We will promote the development of talent and entrepreneurial spirit of young people, work motivation and provide them with tools for finding resources to improve their chances of employment, guidance of a professional nature and / or vocational education, knowledge of different working environments and types of employment among others inherent in the nature of the project here (appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism, teamwork, critical thinking, interpersonal and social skills, conflict resolution, etc.), among others.The general objectives we want to achieve with this proposal are:- Respond to the demand of the partner organizations involved in this project.- Improve the chances of social and labor insertion of the young participants through knowledge of themselves and develop their abilities and talents.- Encourage the acquisition of habits of responsibility, stability and personal autonomy in the young.- Develop and enhance skills and core competencies in the personal and professional skills of the participants.- Promoting intercultural learning.- Creating a healthy and safe environment for the proper personal development of young people.The proposal involves three young people from the countries of Austria, Estonia and Portugal.The project includes school support activities, organization of community activities and supporting local and social entities. Tasks of local information and advice to young people on the Erasmus + program and opportunities to participate in various kinds of European projects, office tasks. Orientation activities and development of core competencies, skills workshops and job search workshops, entrepreneurship activities, counseling sessions and orientation, etc.The expected impact on participants is to improve their skills and abilities, social, labor, communication, cultural and intercultural level. They will gain in self-esteem, security, self-control, social skills and initiative. Improve their emotional stability and increase their autonomy. Prepare them for decision-making, acquiring habits of responsibility, improve knowledge of themselves, discover their career interests and preferences and / or academic, strategies and conflict resolution techniques, teamwork, collaboration and motivation to face the future, among others.
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