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New business languages in Europe: Learn Polish-German-Turkish with specified focus on Tourism and Commerce

Partner countries of the project: Germany, Poland and Turkey with 12 partners organisations. The innovation is based on the integration of two languages little learned so far and not used in the field of economical languages: polish and Turkish. The project puts together with the cooperation between Germany, Poland and Turkey, an old EU country, a new EU country and an EU-candidate country. Contents of the Project:(1)Development of a study program for the foreign language’s acquisition (farther than traditional linguistic courses and connecting it with new languages);(2)Development / Adjustment of updated and specialized teaching and learning methods and materials (german-polish-turkish) which within the framework of languages courses, professional internship or steered learning could be used by the partners´ countries which take part to the project;(3)Training of the teachers in the application of these programs and materials; (4)Test of the programs and materials locally (within the framework of courses, internship or steered learning) measures to make the companies aware of the topic professional mobility and competences in foreign languages.
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