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New Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching in Turkey and Romania

There are no borders among European countries anymore. People thousands of kilometers away each other can write or see each other by the help of internet.Multilingualism and multiculturalism are the social and educational priorities of European Union in Europe. There are no borders officially but at the same time there will be no borders among the people and cultures when they introduce their own culture and recognize others by using common languages. As it is well known European Language Passport was approved by European Union and it has been implemented since then.Its main aim is to encourage the learning of the first foreign language in primary school, the second one in secondary school and the third one in the university.The subject of this project which we have prepared with Romania is to evaluate the innovative methods about foreign language teaching in Europe and find out new approaches. We are the institutions responsible from the education in the two countries and we will carry out the following studies with six local partners which we choose from our region: -Investigation of the current situation about foreign language teaching in both countries-Investigation of new approaches in foreign language teaching-Designing the example courses and making the video recordings of them by both countries-Preparation of brochures for foreign language teachers-Establishing a sharing platform between the teachers of the two regions and sharing of experiences and knowledge here.-Providing exchange of information between Educational institutions responsible for education from the two regions Increasing the teachers' knowledge and practice competence in foreign language education by making them attend the national and international seminars. Preparing booklets for the families about the importance of learning a foreign language.In Europe without borders, this project about foreign language teaching will, help the two regions know each other

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